Advertising Opportunities

Guest Posts
I partake in several guest post exchanges were money or gifts do not change hand. I except posts that I feel will benefit my readers and fit with the style and topic of my blog. In exchange for publishing guest posts on I am then given the opportunity to guest post on their blogs in return.

All post that are guest post exchanges will be tagged using the 'Guest post' tag

Sponsored Posts
I often get contacted for advertising opportunities on my blog where payment has been made these posts will be disclosed using the 'Sponsored Post' tag. Payment is described as any form of cash payment or items that I have received to review without payment.

All opinions on my blog are my own and I only advertise products that I would use myself. You won't find any links to anything that I don't like myself and don't feel fits with my personality and my blog.

If you would like to contact me to discuss opportunities to advertise on then please contact me at

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