Sunday, 25 September 2011

St Eval Sprint, Motorsport in Cornwall

St Eval sprint circuit CornwallToday was the last ever Sprint at St Eval in Cornwall, run by the Newquay Auto Club. This is the first time that I've ever been to a "sprint" and i have to say it was very exciting, and if anyone's ever seen an episode of Top Gear then it's exactly like that.

A set of cones mark out the timed track on old MOD land and the cars take it in turns to set there best times, and what fun it is watching their laps, with cars spinning off the tracks, going sideways, taking cones out and with the vehicles and not to mention cars speeding around the track with doors swinging open.

This was a really good day out and a shame that it's the last event of this kind up at St Eval and i hope the Newquay auto club soon find a new home for their racing fun.
Racing at the St Eval sprint circuit, Cornwall
Circuit Racing at the St Eval sprint circuit, Cornwall
Car racing Cornwall
St Eval circuit racing Newquay Cornwall
Motorsport in Cornwall
Newquay Auto Club, St Eval sprint

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Soul surfer, red carpet premiere

I've just had an amazing evening at the uk premiere of the movie soul surfer all about the amazing surfer chick Bethany Hamilton, what a truly inspiring young lady, the cinema was actually in tears during the very emotional film, even if your not into surfing watch this amazing inspirational touching movie

Highlights from the evening were that Bethany herself was there this evening to open her movie in the uk, and was there to answer questions at the end, I am so moved by this girls strength and courage to achieve what she has.

An awesome night, go see this movie.
Bethany Hamilton, Soul Surfer Premier Newquay Cinema

Soul Surfer film Premier Newquay Cinema

Soul Surfer film Premier Newquay wtw Cinema

Red carpet film premier Newquay Cinema

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Guinea pigs play time

I think I'm spoiling my piggies with their play area but they love running around and playing so much and with added grass they couldn't be happier
Guinea pigs eating grass

Thursday, 1 September 2011

First day of Autumn

Well there goes summer for another year, today being the first of September means that it's officially the first day of Autumn, and that leaves me feeling quite sad as i don't feel like we've had a great summer yet. Lots of Cornish mizzle, wind and grey days, luckily though today when i woke up the sun is beaming through the curtains, lets hope we get our Indian summer down here in Cornwall and we get to enjoy some sun and the beaches whilst they are quite after the tourists have gone home.