Sunday 24 February 2013

Wille and the Bandits play in ESSEX!

As some of you may know i'm originally from Essex but been living in Cornwall for the past seven years. My family are still in Essex but all very much love the Cornish lifestyle.

When I heard that favourite local band Wille and the Bandits where playing in Essex I had to get my sister to attend and show some support, she thoroughly enjoyed the gig and is now another firm follower of the band.

Wille and the bandits

Wille and the bandits live in Essex

My sister text me several times from the gig saying how amazing the band was and at the end of the night I had a very happy message from my sister meeting the band!!

Meeting Wille and the Bandits

Sunday 10 February 2013

Cornish band gains airplay on BBC Radio 2

A few years ago I posted about local Cornish band The Claze that I saw play at the Merrymoor inn in Mawgan Porth. The years may have past since this small gig but the band have been going from strength to strength and lots of practicing and song writing later they were featured on BBC radio 2 this morning.

It's really good not only to hear new music on the radio but to hear local bands getting national airplay.

A massive well done to the boys and hopefully I get to hear you play live again soon.

For those that haven't yet experienced the band you can check out there tunes here. My favourite has got to be 'Cornish Man' Check them out and let me know what you think?

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Chybucca Junction on the A30

I rant quite a lot about traffic in Cornwall, at the main route of most of my road rage is the junction that joins Perranporth and Truro with the A30 also know as Chybucca junction. Anyone that commutes in the morning in either direction on the A30 passing this junction will share my frustration.

Here, all normal road knowledge seams to go out the window and any reference to the highway code ignored, traffic joining the main road from a minor road seams to have priority and people pull out in front of you. Then there's the queuing traffic that wants to get across the junction crossing your right of way... but here everyone must see invisible give way lines and stops to let cars across, this causes tailbacks often as far as Zelah in one direction and the Chiverton Cross roundabout in the other. Even when there is no traffic waiting to cross the junction people still seam to stop at an imaginary give way line just in case often causing accidents.

Well this morning sitting in yet again another queue of traffic waiting to get through the junction I noticed a man in a high visibility jacket setting up some cameras on the junction. Hopefully this is related to the council actually paying attention to the problems on the roads and putting an idea into plan to solve this traffic nightmare hot spot. I remember seeing a few years ago some plans to put a double mini roundabout at Chybucca junction but never heard any more.

With things like Heartlands, the Pool Innovation centre, Camborne college and lots of exciting developments in west Cornwall surely it's imperative to build the road networks to support these new ventures, especially joining Newquay airport with the business hubs in the west should be a priority to help Cornwall thrive as a county not just during the popular tourism season but all year round.

Friday 1 February 2013

Top 10 Valentines dates in Cornwall

Top 10 things to do in Cornwall for a valentines date, although this isn't a study of Cornish people and what they would want to do this is more of the things that I would love to do for a date. I'm so pleased that the Eden project still have their ice skating rink open until March, as what better date can there be, than wrapping up warm and clinging to your loved one whilst unstable on the ice! That's a definite number one date for me.

1. Ice skating at the Eden Project St Austell. This has to be my favorite idea for a date, I love ice skating, i'm pretty rubbish and can only just about skate but it really makes you feel young at heart and can rekindle the romance in every couple.
(Image from the Eden Project website)

2. Watergate bay beach walk and beach hut hot chocolate. The beach hut at Watergate bay is a really amazing place, with stunning views set right on the beach it's a real must. Try to visit at low tide so that you can get a full walk on the beach followed by one of their amazing hot chocolates. Squirty cream, marshmallows and chocolate buttons included for the sharing. For the more extreme you could even go for a dip in the sea or try one of the many sports on offer at the Extreme academy.
(Image from The Watregate Bay website)

3.Cardinham Woods, Located just off the A30 near Bodmin the woods at Cardinham are truly magical. If you like the film avatar then these woods are a must. A fairy whimsical place with stunning forests and plenty of woodland walks and picnic benches. A winter picnic is always a romantic idea, Just remember the blankets to snuggle up in.

Cardinham woods Bodmin CornwallCardinham woods Bodmin Cornwall

4.Go Karting at St Eval This is more for the boys, but why should valentines day be all about treating the ladies. Treat your Boyfriend to a fun thrilled day of Go Karting and they'll love you for ever!

5.Camel trail. Wadebridge. This is another favorite of mine, and if the weathers good it can be more enjoyable than in the summer, with quieter foorpaths and a lot less foot traffic. The Camel trail starts in the harbour town of Padstow and winds it's way following the river Camel to Wadebridge and onto Bodmin. Think tandem bike for a real treat to bring you and your partner together. Just remember ladies.... Sit at the back and let your man do all the work and watch the lovely scenery go by! There's also plenty of pubs along the way to quench your first after all that cycling. There's plenty of bike hire places including this one in Wadebridge.
Padstow harbour Cornwall

6.Cider Farm. Penhallow. If your love for Cornish Cider is as strong as your love for your partner then arrange a visit to the Cornish cider farm the home of Cornish Rattler. Need i say any more!!!!!
(Image from

7.Kennal Vale Woods. Another one for the boys, Kennal Vale woods in Ponsanooth was once the home to Kennal Vale gunpowder factory. There are lots of remains to explore, including a deep water filled quarry as well as lots of old metal machinery, visiting around valentines day is a must when the daffodils are out.
Kennal Vale gunpowder mill. Cornwall

Kennal Vale woods, Ponsanooth, Cornwall

8.Launceston castle, nothing says romance more than a historic castle. In Cornwall their are plenty of castles to explore but the market town of Launceston with it's castle on a natural mound creates a great day out especially with a spot of lunch and shopping in the town.
(Image from

9. Trenance gardens and boating lake. Newquay has a lot to offer, from Newquay zoo, to shopping and surfing but their hidden gem set behind the main town is Trenance gardens and boating lake. Set either side of the stunning viaduct in Newquay the gardens are a network of walkways around the lake. In the fairer months you can hire boats on the lake but for Valentines book a table at the lakeside restaurant for dinner and you will not be disappointed.
(Image from

10. mackerel sea fishing. Another one for the boys to enjoy, set off to sea from many locations in Cornwall and get your man to catch you your tea. Think hunter gather and get your man to provide you with some fresh fishies. Then treat him to his hard work by cooking up an amazing fish supper. For the brave girls get out fishing with him and see who catches the most, But maybe let him to the gutting.

With less than two weeks until valentines day what are you going to do with your other half?