Saturday 16 July 2011

Salon Time

I'm off to get me hair cut, which normally i love but in true cornwall style it's totally throwing it down with rain so the minute i walk out the salon the lovely new style will turn into drowned rat oh well, fingers and toes crossed this horrible weather eases off soon.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Suzuki GS850 custom Trike photoshoot

Tonight I photographed another project leaving the workshop and this time it's not a Volkswagen restoration but a Suzuki GS850 Trike build.

Luckily an amazing sunset helped to make some awesome looking photos of this monster of a bike.Suzuki GS850 custom trike
Suzuki GS850 trikeSuzuki GS850 hotrod trike
Custom airbrushingHot rod trike Photography

James Morrison at the Pheonix Watergate Bay - Cornwall

I have just been down to my local at the Phoenix Watergate Bay, for a rather impromptu "secret" gig by singer song writer James Morrison, unfortunately after James himself posted on his own facebook about the gig the place was heaving and over cautious security were letting one in one out and i think there was more people outside singing along than were inside!

Which is a shame really as on a normal summers night down the phoenix when a band like the wonderful locals Willie and the bandits play they let a lot more people in the bar then they let in tonight!!

Here's just a couple of pictures from tonight's live music.

James Morrison live in Cornwall
James Morrison gig Watergate Bay

Friday 8 July 2011

Chimay Belgium, Euro Bug In 4 Pictures

Here's a few pictures of the lovely village of Chimay in Belgium were we have just spent a few days for the fourth European bug in festival. I really wish i had remembered slightly more of my GCSE french as my french whilst over there was pretty poor, At least i knew how to order a chimay beer.Chimay Belgium
Chimay Belgium Euro Bug in 4Euro Bug in 4Euro Bug in 4, Chimay Belgium

James Morrison Tonight

Is off out tonight to see James Morrison at an intimate local gig, lets hope i can squeeze in some good pictures.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

European Bug In 2011 Chimay Belgium

Drag Racing at Euro bug in
On Thursday we joined a group of friends and traveled in convoy 500miles to Chimay in Belgium to take part in the 4th European Bug In show at Chimay in Belgium, There was an amazing amount of cars to see and some very cool incredibly rare vehicles too.

Not to mention the drag racing, burnout track, off road buggy and baja track and the weekend of wall to wall hot sunshine. What an awesome weekend i really can't wait to go road tripping again.

VW Beetle Drag Racing at Euro bug inVW Drag Racing at Euro bug inStreet drag racing, Chimay Euro Bug In
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European bug in drag race