Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cribbar Newquay goes off, Tow in surfing on 10ft+ waves

Well if i thought watergate bay was big i hadn't seen anything until i reached the headland at little fistral and caught my first glimpse of Cribbar working. More noticebly was the crowds and excitement, the car park was rammed full, and it was one in one out, as crowds stayed on the headland watching the waves in awe. 
Cribbar Newquay 10ft waves
There's people videoing, photography, and even families with blankets and picnics all camped out waiting to see the surfers in action, There was three jet ski's out about 2pm when i was down there with two riders - If anyone knows who was riding i'd love to knw, some twitter reports say ben skinner was out but who knows, but respect to these crazy guys with balls of steal!!!
Crowds watch giant waves in Newquay Cornwall
The thrill of watching this rare occurring wave was insane, the crowds cheering on each riders wave, and when the surfer entered a barralling section of wave that closed out and some how came out of the mass of white water still riding it truely shows what these guys are made off. 
Huge waves of the coast of Cornwall
Also noticed was two guys actually paddling out for this wave, one from the little Fistral side of the headland and one from the Newquay bay side, neither of the guys made it out into the lineup but some paddle by both to even attempt this. 

Today was really insane to watch and i really hope that someone has some video of these waves soon. 
Big wave surfing Cornwall UK
 Epic surfing at Cribbar Newquay, Cornwall
Tow in surfing Newquay Cornwall

Massive waves in the UK, Fistral Beach

Big wave surfing Cornwall

Huge wave surfing Newquay

line up at cribbar break in Newquay

Surfer riding big waves in Newquay Cornwall

Big waves Newquay

Surfing giant waves off newquay headland

big barrel surfing in the UK

Crowded beaches in Cornwall watch big wave surfing

Jet ski tow in surfing in the UK

massive waves in Cornwall

big waves Cornwall

Cribbar sets of waves rolling in

To see all my pictures from Cribbar visit my facebook page

Massive waves watergate bay Cornwall October 2011

I've just been down to Watergate Bay as I've heard there are massive waves and WOW they really are huge, really jaw dropping moments where waves double the size of you come charging in to land, it really does make you realize just how small and insignificant you are compared to the beast mother nature.

Perfect waves off Watergate Bay Cornwall

Surf lessons at watergate bay Cornwall

Massive waves at Watergate Bay Cornwall

Watergate Bay big waves. Cornwall

Waves crashing at Watergate Bay Cornwall

Massive waves at watergate bay. Cornwall

Surfer and Dog, Watergate Bay, Cornwall
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Friday, 28 October 2011

British Surf Champs Fistral beach Newquay

If the rain holds off tomorrow I'm hoping to head over to the British Surf Champs at Fistral beach Newquay check back at my blog tomorrow for my latest images.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Rain Rain Rain

Well lets see what happens today? A months worth of rain is forecast to fall today in Cornwall, fingers crossed flooding doesn't occur, but for now I'm staying in the warm watching the rain falling at the windows.

Heavy rain hits Cornwall

Torrential rain in Cornwall

Saturday, 15 October 2011

British Stand up paddle boarding competition Watergate Bay

British stand up paddle boarding Cornwall

Stand up paddle boarding Watergate Bay Cornwall

Photographers at Watergate Bay
 I wasn't the only photographer down at the bay making the most of the sunny weather the clean waves and the entertainment on offer.
SUP Newquay Cornwall

Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Surfing Watergate Bay Cornwall

Stand up paddle boarding Cornwall

Surfing in Cornwall

Stand up surfing. Newquay Cornwall

Wipe out Newquay Cornwall

I took so many photos down at the beach today, see the rest of them on my photobrook photography facebook page.

Litter in cornwall

I'm really annoyed, i went for a lovely surf at Watergate bay and right next to my car is a load of broken glass :@( not what you want when walking bare foot down to the beach GRRR rant over.

Litter in Cornwall

Litter in the streets. Newquay

Friday, 14 October 2011

Surfing with seal

Have just had a lovely evening went in the water at Gwithian, amazing time in the water it might have been a bit chilly in the wind but the sun setting over St Ives and the clean 2ft waves rolling in made a beautiful surf, and being grazed by a playful seal whilst in the water made tonight even more amazing

ETL pro longboard competition at Watergate Bay Cornwall

O'Neil Pro longboard Watergate Bay
 ETL pro longboard competition at Watergate Bay Cornwall

Last weekend saw the ETL O'Neil pro longboard competition come to Watergate Bay in Cornwall, however the waves were not pretty and neither was the wind and drizzly Grey day.

But the surfers managed to really show off their skills even in truly horrible wave conditions and show off just how talented they were with massive paddle outs and mushy waves,

Adam Griffiths came 1st followed by Ben Skinner in 2nd.

ETL pro longboard competition at Watergate Bay Cornwall

Surf competition at Watergate Bay Cornwall

Ben Skinner at Watergate Bay Cornwall

Surfer Newquay

Surf Watergate Bay

O'Neil Surf Watergate Bay Cornwall

Surfers Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Surfer Ben Skinner, Cornwall

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Photographing in shopping centres

Yesterday it came to light that a man had been stopped by the police for taking a photograph of his own daughter in a shopping centre. To me this seams like a normal thing to do, but to security staff they jumped in saying that this was a risk to the terrorism act and that the camera used will need to be confiscated and that it is illegal to photograph in some shopping centres.

Only a day later a facebook group with over 21,000 likes has been set up and photography in shopping centres is now allowed. - The full story from the BBC news is here.

I actually think some shopping centres are beautifully designed with wonderful architecture and we should be able to photograph this beauty, or our friends and family enjoying a shopping facility without conflict, and this new ruling is brilliant for photographers and shoppers alike.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Coastal erosion in cornwall video

This video has been circulating locals down in cornwall today

Theres speculation to whether this is indeed hells mouth or slightly further up the coast nearer to portreath, either way this video makes you realise just how vulnerable the coast line is and how the sea can be so ferocious and claim land back.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

October = Bikini time???

well I'm sure this is the topic on everyone's mouths at the moment, but it is super hot this weekend and it's the first of October!!! i'm sure it won't last and we'll be in for a long winter but for now.... i'm off to the beach to get in the water.