Sunday 30 October 2011

Cribbar Newquay goes off, Tow in surfing on 10ft+ waves

Well if i thought watergate bay was big i hadn't seen anything until i reached the headland at little fistral and caught my first glimpse of Cribbar working. More noticebly was the crowds and excitement, the car park was rammed full, and it was one in one out, as crowds stayed on the headland watching the waves in awe. 
Cribbar Newquay 10ft waves
There's people videoing, photography, and even families with blankets and picnics all camped out waiting to see the surfers in action, There was three jet ski's out about 2pm when i was down there with two riders - If anyone knows who was riding i'd love to knw, some twitter reports say ben skinner was out but who knows, but respect to these crazy guys with balls of steal!!!
Crowds watch giant waves in Newquay Cornwall
The thrill of watching this rare occurring wave was insane, the crowds cheering on each riders wave, and when the surfer entered a barralling section of wave that closed out and some how came out of the mass of white water still riding it truely shows what these guys are made off. 
Huge waves of the coast of Cornwall
Also noticed was two guys actually paddling out for this wave, one from the little Fistral side of the headland and one from the Newquay bay side, neither of the guys made it out into the lineup but some paddle by both to even attempt this. 

Today was really insane to watch and i really hope that someone has some video of these waves soon. 
Big wave surfing Cornwall UK
 Epic surfing at Cribbar Newquay, Cornwall
Tow in surfing Newquay Cornwall

Massive waves in the UK, Fistral Beach

Big wave surfing Cornwall

Huge wave surfing Newquay

line up at cribbar break in Newquay

Surfer riding big waves in Newquay Cornwall

Big waves Newquay

Surfing giant waves off newquay headland

big barrel surfing in the UK

Crowded beaches in Cornwall watch big wave surfing

Jet ski tow in surfing in the UK

massive waves in Cornwall

big waves Cornwall

Cribbar sets of waves rolling in

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