Saturday 17 December 2011

Christmas Cake

Christmas cake decoration.  
Today to avoid the frequent hail showers i decided it was the time to decorate the Christmas cake. When i say decorate the cake i mean simply decorate! I didn't actually make the cake myself! i know that's cheating, however my lovely mum made the cake back in November and I've been keeping it moist by coating it in Disaronno each week.

After creating a complete mess in the kitchen, including spilling food colouring everywhere and getting edible glitter spray everywhere i don't think the cake turned out too bad!

Christmas fruit cake

Home made Christmas cake

Marzipan covered Christmas cake

Icing covered Christmas cake

Fondant cake decorations

Polar bear cake topper

edible silver balls

Polar bear Christmas cake

Home made Christmas cake decorations

Bear cake

Christmas cake decorating

It's not perfect, it's lumpy and bumpy, and my polar bear is a little wonky, but it's the effort that counts and i look forward to eating some cake next week. 

Happy Christmas

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Cold Snap in Cornwall

Finally today it is actually feeling a bit colder and slightly more wintery. I'm not wishing to be all bah humbug and not festive but i don't feel in the slightest bit christmassy yet this year. Last sunday rather than going christmas shopping i went surfing!! I went in the sea in December and it wasn't even cold!!!

I know the weather today has been on off with sunshine and showers, but in the moments of sunshine i couldn't help but feel slightly puzzled with the sun beaming through the window warming my arm, yet a christmas song is playing in the background on the radio, that didn't feel right.

I've decided I'm blaming the mild weather for my lack of festive cheer, which I'm hoping is about to change, driving home tonight the temperature was displaying in my car as 2'C which is making me want to wrap up warm, snuggle up inside and wrap Christmas presents. There's still not been a frost yet this winter down here in Cornwall, but fingers crossed for some frosty mornings soon so that i can get out early and get some sunrise snaps of crisp chilly winter mornings.

Sunday 11 December 2011

Santa Fun Run Falmouth

Well i made it!!

I completed yesterdays 3 mile charity fun run dressed as a santa, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It felt very strange beingstood on Falmouth moor with hundreds of others all wearing santa suits, but with the big christmas tree and christmas music playing it all felt very festive.

After a mass warm up, we moved to the starting line to begin the race, and what fun that was, hundreds of santa's all running through the high street, with crowds of people lining the route and cheering us all on. Now i haven't run anywhere for about 3 years so the cheering crowds certainly made me keep on running and not give up, the run then split into two routes of short and long and i continued on the long route and up to the coast road and around to Gyllyngvase beach.

I'm so proud of myself and all the other santa's that took part yesterday and hope that lots of money has been raised for a really good cornish charity.

If you still want to donate you can at

Santa fun run Falmouth

Saturday 10 December 2011

Cornwall Hospice Care charity fun run, Santa run Falmouth

Last weekend i was photographing the shoe box appeal being loaded onto the lorry on it's long journey to Serbia, This weekend i am taking part in the charity Santa fun run in Falmouth!

Yes your reading this right! i am not only doing a fun run!!! a whole three mile run around Falmouth - As you may or may not kno i don't do running anymore, i don't really do exercise, unless floating about in the sea trying to learn to surf counts. And not only am i taking part in a fun run i'm also doing this dressed as a father christmas.

The race is at 1pm, so will let you know how i get on, and fingers crossed will have some highly humiliating photos to post up here later.

If you haven't sponsored me yet and still want to donate some money to really good cause, Cornwall hospice care then please visit the Just Giving Guava page and donate online.

Wish me luck. xx

Sunday 4 December 2011

Samaritans Purse, Operation Chrstmas Child

Today under grey sky's and icy cold winds next to the river camel in Wadebridge 7000 shoe boxes where loaded onto a lorry by local helpers young and old. The shoe boxes are now heading on there way to Serbia to be given to children that are less privileged than ourselves. 

It was wonderful to be able to photograph the boxes being loaded onto the van and an amazing event to be a part of, the volunteers worked wonderfully together fueled by a supply of bacon sandwiches and Christmas music, I hope all the Christmas boxes make their way to their final destination and make some children very happy this Christmas.
Samaritans purse shoe box appeal

Samaritans purse Christmas shoe box appeal

Charity work in Cornwall

Christmas shoe box appeal. Cornwall

Charity work in Cornwall. Samaritans Purse

packing shoe boxes for charity

Cornwall charity shoe box appeal

Operation Christmas child. Cornwall

Children shoe box appeal

Loading shoe boxes for charity

Charity volunteers Cornwall

Cornwall volunteers. Samaritans purse

Samaritans purse operation Christmas child helpers
For all the pictures from today's shoe box appeal visit my facebook for more.

Saturday 3 December 2011

Padstow Christmas festival

Yesterday I went to the padstow Christmas festival and even with the pouring rain all night had a really wonderful night. With late night shopping, live music and mulled wine to get you in the spirit, not to mention father christmas arriving by fire engine followed by a lantern procession, the rain sadly kept on pouring but this did not keep the crowds away at all. The local produce market was bustling with local ciders and ales to be tasted not to forget the wonderful cake and chocolate stalls and everything in between with cookery demonstrations and even a debate was held with local celebrity chef Rick Stein. It was then time to go back out into the rain to huddle around the harbour to watch the fireworks then off up the hill to circle the giant Christmas tree and sing carols, if cold nights and pouring rain won't stop the padstow locals nothing will. Padstows Christmas festival continues until Sunday and I thoroughly recommend popping over their for a visit a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.
Padstow Christmas festival. Cornwall

Tuesday 29 November 2011

A bad day

I've decided that today is a bad day, your probably wondering why I am classing a whole day as bad when it's only just entered the afternoon, firstly my day started with knocking over my morning brew! Spilling tea all over the kitchen top down the front of the dishwasher and down myself, this is followed by my breakfast of a crumpet being dropped into my second cup of tea! I decide to give up forget the tea and breakfast and head to work in sideways rain and Gail force winds! I'm currently writing this in a hospital waiting room that is full of kids watching some very very annoying singing animals on the tv... Well all watching minus the one screaming in the corner. Oh and I forgot to mention my arrival to hospital..... I decided to park in Truros new park and ride scheme, parking some way from the busses I then walked in the pouring rain to the terminals to find out I don't have cash on me and brilliantly the building doesn't take card payments! So I walk back to my car, now completely soaked and drive to the hospital. I'm sitting here with very soggy feet hoping that my pre op assessment goes better!

Today i'm calling a bad day, let's hope it gets better. X

Saturday 26 November 2011

Local band The Claze play at the Merrymoor Inn, Mawgan Porth

Local band The Claze, Formally know as the Cuffs last night played at the MerryMoor Inn, in Mawgan Porth Cornwall, With great covers from The Kings of Lean, to Johnny Cash including some of there own written cornish inspired music. It was a great night where The Claze had the whole pub singing along and waving there arms.

Keep up the good work guys, And if you want to see the claze playing live soon, visit them on facebook here

Local band the Claze play the Merrymoor inn. Mawgan Porth

The Claze play the Merrymoor inn. Mawgan Porth

Live music at the Merrymoor inn. Mawgan Porth

The Merrymoor inn. Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

Live gigs Cornwall

Live music in Cornwall. Mawgan Porth

More pictures from Friday nights gig can be seen on my Photobrook photography Facebook page, And don't forget to like the page and follow this blog to keep up to date with my latest pictures.

Monday 21 November 2011

Local surf shots now viewable on Magic Seaweed

Photobrook Photography images are now available to view and purchase through Magic Seaweed, Check out one of my favorite shots of Watergate Bay earlier this year, when lots of learner surfers where braving the rather large conditions! Rather them than me!!!

As I am always out photographing local breaks, as well as local surf competitions all my surf related images will now be available on magic seaweed, keep an eye out for more surfing images uploaded to Magic Seaweed soon.

Saturday 19 November 2011

Backbeat Sounsystem at the Wateringhole Perranporth

Last night I ventured across to Perranporth for the wonderful reggae band Backbeat soundsytem, who were playing at the Wateringhole, who were truly amazing and had me dancing all night to some wonderful ska reggae beats. There's a real wonderful sense of going to a gig in a bar and the only way of getting there is to walk across the beach over a stream across more sand until reaching the bar tables lodged into the sand at the entrance of the bar.

For a wintery November night the place was heaving as crowds flocked to see such an amazing band, Unfortunately i have no photos of last nights gig as i was too busy dancing to wonderful music, which even after the band finished playing the wateringhole proceeded to play music by Gentlemans dub club another favorite band, so really a perfect night of local music.

Loving the Cornish music scene and can't wait for my next night out..... which maybe tonight at the Brook House in Newquay as Sandfire Siren are playing.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Truro city of lights

Ques in Truro waiting for the Christmas light switch on
Tonight saw the Christmas lights in Truro get switched on by a wonderful parade of handmade lanterns, The rain held off long enough and the crowds flocked into Truro to see how hard the local schools and colleges had worked to create a wonderful procession. 

The crowds waiting patiently crowding the streets of Truro waiting for the parade.
Truro city of lights Cornwall

Picture of the Truro city of lights Cornwall

photos of the Truro city of lights Cornwall
 An amazing squid teases the crowds with moving tentacles 
Images of the Truro city of lights Cornwall

Truro city of lights festival Cornwall

Light sculptures at Truro city of lights festival Cornwall

Truro city of lights festival parade Cornwall

Lantern procession at Truro city of lights festival Cornwall

Cornwall christmas lights Truro

Christmas in Cornwall, Truro city of lights
 Another truly amazing  lantern including his very own bowing head
Cornwall Samba Band. Truro

Christmas Lights Cornwall. Truro

Falmouth uni lantern at Truro city of lights festival

Cornwall lantern procession Truro

School children support city of lights Truro Cornwall
A wonderful evening and now really feeling in the Christmas spirit with thanks to Truro city of lights.

Monday 7 November 2011

Fireworks at Porth Beach Newquay

Saturday the 5th November saw hundreds of people turn up at Porth beach in Newquay for the annual fireworks display. One of my favorite nights of the year, The beach quickly fills up with adults and children all wrapped up warm waiting patiently for the fireworks to start. With music beer and bbq supplied by the Mermaid Inn everyone is entertained until the display starts.

Porth beach firework display

Porth Beach fireworks Cornwall

Firework displays on the beach Cornwall

Firework display Newquay Cornwall


Fireworks Cornwall

Fireworks Porth beach Newquay

Fireworks in Cornwall. Porth Beach

Newquay Fireworks. Porth beach Cornwall

Firework display

Firework photos