Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Newquay Night Surf Fistral Beach - Lots of pictures

Last month I was pleased to get down to the Newquay Night Surf on Fistral Beach, I've attended this event for many years including when it used to happen as the Fat Face night surf at Lusty glaze beach.

The event takes place over two days from the afternoon through into the evening with surfers competing in heats in the water all day long until the sun sets. When the sun sets the flood lights go on and the surfing continues. I went to the beach on the Saturday to watch the final heats and watch the firework finally.
Arriving at the beach to a warm afternoon, blue skies and lots of waves for the surfers.
Fistral Beach

Night Surf Newquay

Watching the sunset in Newquay

Fistral Night Surf 2014 Fistral each Newquay
As the sun began doing down and the temperature cooled down the surfing heated up with the finals taking place.
Fistral Beach Night surf 2014 fistral beach newquay

Sunset Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach night surf 2014

sunset at fistral beach

Fistral Beach Night Surf 2014 Newquay Cornwall
The final heat of the men's surfing was won by Tom Butler, with second place going to Russell Winter and third taken by Luke Dilton. 
Night surf competition at fistral beach

Fistral beach night surf

watching the surf in cornwall
Once the sun set the fireworks put on a final show at the beach, If your in Cornwall during the night surf it's definitely one to put into your diary.
Night surf at Fistral Beach Newquay

Fireworks Fistral beach

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Super Car Event.

Anyone that’s been following my blog for any amount of time will know that I’m a bit of a petrol head and so is my partner. Typically we love classic cars and have regularly attended events held at Santa Pod raceway as well as local events like the Plymouth Volksfest, Cornwall VW jamboree, Action South West and the run to the sun events in Newquay. Our love for cars have even taken us as far as Europe and seen us exploring the cultures of Belgium at car shows like European Bug in. This is where my passion lies, old cars, classic cars and anything alternative and in between. However my partner loves anything with a motor, from cars to bikes or even just power tools. If it has a motor then he wants to play with it and when I was looking for events to attend on his birthday and found the Super Car Event I started to get excited.

When I found out that the event was held on the top gear test track I couldn't refuse and so the planning went into place to take him there for a surprise birthday treat. Speaking with his manager at work and secretly booking the time off, to finding hotels and restaurants nearby the weekend was planned and he had no idea.

Feeling smug I turned up to his office beaming with excitement, surprising him with a balloon and card and told him that we were going away for the weekend and didn't tell him where. When he finally believed me that his boss had agreed to give him the afternoon off we were off on our journey. Sadly me wanting to surprise him with where we were going was rudely interrupted when my car kindly decided to break down on the way! With some help from the AA and The AA Man asking where we were travelling and how far did we have to go I had no choice but to tell my other half where the surprise was taking him.

Broken down with the AA

Back on the road after our help from the AA we arrived at our hotel and had a lovely meal together before the excitement of the following day. Getting up early and heading towards the track we saw lots of super cars heading in the same direction and a minor road closure and detour we had made it to the event. It was thrilling. Arriving at the air field you could hear cars screaming around the track and as we parked up in the car park we were surrounded already by lots of supercars. We ventured over to the main arena and the sun was blistering down and began to enjoy the excitement of the day.

There were Lamborghini's, Ferraris, Porsches if it had a big motor then it was on the track. The whole day was a charity event and was put together to raise money for children with brain injuries. To raise money you could buy rides in the cars around the test track, rides in fire engines or on sedgeways and even have a ride in a Caterham 7 going sideways around a course. My next surprise to James was a ticket for his laps around the top gear test track, fuelled with adrenaline and excitement my partner got his first three laps in a Porsche and his second three laps in a Lamborghini. He was buzzing and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and think that he had a very happy birthday.
Lamborghini at the super car event

Aston Martin at the super car event

The super car event

I really would recommend going to the super car event, there’s not so many cars to walk around and look at but there is definitely a lot of action trackside. You don’t need to spend the whole day at the show so would recommend it to anyone local but for others of us way down here living in Cornwall then it’s a show to go to and make a weekend of. It’s for a great charity and a great experience seeing other types of car shows rather than the usual classic and hot rod shows where you’ll normally find me with my camera.
Enjoying the sunshine at the super car event