Wednesday 29 June 2011

Newquay Dub Club Meet - The Mermaid Inn - Porth Beach Newquay

I've just had a lovely evening down the mermaid pub in Porth beach Newquay for the weekly classic Volkswagen meet, and what an amazing evening the sunset over the beach was truly stunning, i really hope this lovely weather continues and we don't have the storms that have been had up country.

European Bug in 4

A lot of my friends will be making the very long journey by road to Belgium over the next few days for the fourth European Bug in, in Chimay Belgium, good luck to everyone that is driving over in their classic cars, i hope you all make it without to many breakdowns.

Good luck road trippers.

Monday 27 June 2011

Guinea Pigs

My Guinea Pigs are doing really well and getting used to wondering around the living room, there so cute as they have a mad half hour scuttling up and down and then hopping back in their cage to be shut in.

Although i had a scare when i went to let them out, as looking in their cage i couldn't see them in their bed..... didn't realize they had managed to work out how to get on top of their beds!!!

Guinea pigs

Sunday 26 June 2011

Micheal Jackson Man in the Mirror Theatre show

Last Night as it was my other halfs Birthday and he is a massive Micheal Jackson fan and it was two years to the day of Micheal Jackson's death we went to see the Micheal Jackson Man in the Mirror Theatre show at Plymouth.

What an amazing show, a really feel good show that everyone should try and see, i'm going to be open and say that i'm not the biggest fan, i like a couple of songs but his music isn't on my Ipod collection.

There show is high impact, with amazingly choreographed dance routines, with things going on all over the stage it's hard to know which bit to look at, the live music and singing was fab, and the costumes where fabulous too.

I really recommend anyone to go and see the show, and put your dancing shoes on, as by the end, the whole audience is up dancing in the isles, clapping and singing along.

Friday 17 June 2011

Guinea Pigs - New members of the photobrook family

We now have two additions to the photobrook family, The new guinea pigs arrived last friday and have enjoyed their first week here. Tiddles is the brown piggy, and pig is the ginger piggy with the red eyes, pig is very friendly and very tame, but Tiddles is a shy little piggy but both are so very cute and happy to be photographed.two guinea pigs
Guinea pigs eating
Guinea pig in food

Saturday 11 June 2011

Roach Rock Photographs

Roach Rock Cornwall photographs, on a rainy cloudy day in summer when you can't head to the beach Roach Rock makes a fabulous setting for some awesome photographs.
Roach RockRoach Cornwall

Roach Rock PhotographsRoach Rock Cornwall
Roach Rock
Roach Rock Cornwall

Friday 10 June 2011

Belfast Busker

Just a couple more pictures from this years Plymouth Volksfest of the lovable Belfast Busker
Belfast Busker at Plymouth VolksfestCraig Hammond at Plymouth Volksfest

Saturday 4 June 2011

Sound of the Sirens, Live at Plymouth Volksfest

Here's another awesome band from this years Plymouth Volksfest, This girly trio from Exeter have an amazingly unique sound with some heavy stomping action, with a few covers of Mumford and Sons thrown in this was an amazing set by the girls.
Sound of the Sirens at Plymouth Volksfest
Sound of the Sirens play Plymouth Volksfest
Plymouth Volksfest live music
Plymouth Volksfest photos
Photographs of plymouth Volksfest

Thursday 2 June 2011

Moriarty play the big top live at Plymouth Volksfest 2011

These are some pictures of the Devon based band Moriarty that played their Live music on the Saturday daytime at Plymouth Volksfest 2011

Moriaty at Plymouth Volksfest
Plymouth Volksfest live music
Plymouth Volksfest main stageLive music at Plymouth Volksfest

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Plymouth Volksfest 2011 - Show and Shine

Plymouth Volksfest 2011 Photos, over the next few days i will be showcasing a selection of photographs from Plymouth volksfest 2011, From the show and shine cars to the live music. Sunday's Volkswagen show and shine at Plymouth volksfest - Newnham park

Split screen bus at Plymouth Volksfest
VW bay window at Plymouth VolkfestRat look beetle at Plymouth Volksfest
Volkswagens at Plymouth Volksfest
Rat Look beetle