Sunday 26 June 2011

Micheal Jackson Man in the Mirror Theatre show

Last Night as it was my other halfs Birthday and he is a massive Micheal Jackson fan and it was two years to the day of Micheal Jackson's death we went to see the Micheal Jackson Man in the Mirror Theatre show at Plymouth.

What an amazing show, a really feel good show that everyone should try and see, i'm going to be open and say that i'm not the biggest fan, i like a couple of songs but his music isn't on my Ipod collection.

There show is high impact, with amazingly choreographed dance routines, with things going on all over the stage it's hard to know which bit to look at, the live music and singing was fab, and the costumes where fabulous too.

I really recommend anyone to go and see the show, and put your dancing shoes on, as by the end, the whole audience is up dancing in the isles, clapping and singing along.

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