Saturday 25 August 2012

Bank Holiday Wash out in Cornwall, torential rain and sever weather warnings sweep the county.

Torrential rain Cornwall
 Looking out the front door this afternoon at the rain pouring and funneling off the roof i can't help but feel sorry for all the tourists that have come down to Cornwall for the August bank holiday. It's a little different when you live in Cornwall as you find yourself living by the forecast. If the suns out all plans get cancelled and it's off to the beach to make the most of the weather. But when it rains it's time to stay in and cook and clean in the house.

Once the rain had eased i decided to pop into Newqauy to go to the shops to get something nice for tea..... the original plan to go camping tonight in the pouring rain has kinda fallen by the wayside. Whilst driving through Porth in Newquay i noticed the beach car park completely flooded. On bank holiday weekend this car park should be full with crowds enjoying the wonderful beach, but with today's weather there was just one loan car and a lot of water! The river running through Porth and onto the beach was a muddy torrent of water pouring across the beach with just two loan people with an umbrella walking on the beach with their dog.
Floods at Porth, Newquay

Flooding in Newquay, Cornwall

Flooding in Porth beach. Newquay

Flooded Cornwall

Storms in Newqauy

Rain swept Newquay
 Just one of many bins i saw in Newqauy today full of umbrellas, not to mention some left on the beach and even one in the middle of the main road. Today seamed more like a winters day than a summer bank holiday but lets just hope that tomorrows promised sunshine turns up and makes up for today.
Wet summer in Cornwall

Wille and the Bandits play Watergate bay. Cornwall

Last night saw the return of local band Wille and the Bandits play at the Pheonix in Watergate Bay supported by fellow local band the Jeremias. We got there early and already the Pheonix was heaving and being my old local there were lots of familiar faces and with the cornish rattler flowing, good friends and good music it was an awesome night.

The Jerimias kicked off the evening with a fantastic set which really got the crowd going, Then was the main act of Wille and the Bandits. Now i can not tell you how many times i have seen this band but everytime i see them they are more amazing then the last. With catchy beats, heartfelt lyrics and compulsive rythem you can't help but enjoy their music and notice there incredible talent.

With a wide arange of musical talent from playing slide guitar, to rythmic drum beats and excellent vocals these guys are definitely not a band to be missed, and when they start their physcadelic music you can't help by getting lost in their music. Last night it was really good to hear them play new music and some of their classics from all three of their albums.

A really really good night out and would recommend that if you ever get the chance to see this band then they are a must, and lucky for us they are playing again in a few weeks at another local gig in Watergate Bay and are a highlight at the Atlantic Heights surf and roots festival. not to mention that the amazing backbeat soundsystem will also be playing so definitely a date to put in your diary for a night of local live music NOT to be missed.

A visit to Bath.

Whilst on my holidays we decided to visit the city of Bath. I have never been to bath before and with lots of recommendations from friends and being in the local area we decided to check it out.

River at Bath

Bath city centre

Bath in the summer

Images of Bath

Boats on the river in Bath

Enjoying Bath city centre
With another hot sunny day we spent some time leisurely walking around the streets, perusing the boutique shops, and enjoying a spot of lunch in the warm sunshine by the river. Watching the pleasure boats go past and no plans we enjoyed some sight seeing, some sun and some history.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Cheddar gorge wild camping

Cheddar gorge
 After the Bristol balloon festival we headed to cheddar gorge and found this little spot to camp for the night. With a quiet road and a peaceful setting we didn't arrive until about 1am and pretty shattered we slept soundly in the mouth of the gorge, When we arrived it was pitch black and it wasn't until the following morning we were able to see what a beautiful spot we had spent the night in.
road through cheddar gorge

Cliffs at cheddar gorge

photographs of cheddar gorge
Cheddar gorge images

Cheddar gorge pictures

Cheddar Gorge

View at Cheddar gorge

Map of the south west

When we woke up we spent some time exploring cheddar village in the daylight had some breakfast and accessed the map on where to head to next.

Friday 17 August 2012

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Whilst up in Bristol for the Fat Freddys Drop gig we realised we were in Bristol for the same weekend as their famous Balloon Fiesta. I've always seen pictures on the news, or on posters for the balloon fiesta but never been so as we were in the area we decided to see what it was all about.

On arriving at the fiesta we were parked in a massive car park and couldn't really see what was going on. After a long walk down from the top of a hill over looking bristol we were finally making our way to the festival centre. With fair ground rides, craft stalls, food stalls and lot of kids entertainment it seamed there was lots to do and this was before we had even seen a balloon.

With the sun beating down we decided to get a spot to sit on around the edge of the balloon launch site and wait for the action to begin.

There were a few balloons inflating and deflating and some commentary on these balloons, but soon the field was filling up with all the special shapes balloons. From the Churchill dog, to a Giant baby-bell cheese an even a giant action man. By about 7 o'clock some of the balloons started taking off and as we watched them disappear in the sky we thought what a lovely evening we had had and what a nice festival this had been.
Bristol balloon fiesta

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon launch

Churchill dog hot air balloon

Balloon festival bristol 

Action man hot air balloon

It was then that we realised that the fiesta was filling up even more and the place was getting packed out, After checking the programme we soon realised that the crowds were waiting for the finale of the night glow. Again we had no idea what this consisted of. Once it had got dark, to the background of British music a circle of balloons were inflated these then used there fire to glow and dance to the music. This was truly incredible giant balloons seaming to dance in time with the music. Add a spectacular firework show and a solitary GB balloon solo flight finale and the crowds went wild cheering, dancing and just having a brilliant time young an old.
Hot air balloons at night

Firework display bristol balloon fiesta

Fun fair at Bristol balloon fiesta

I would highly recommend going to this event, We went not really knowing what exactly it was going to be like and were thoroughly impressed and would definitely like to go again. We only popped along for an hour or so in the afternoon and didn't leave the site until at least midnight. A thoroughly entertaining event that i would recommend to anyone.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Fat Freddys Drop Gig

o2 academy BristolOn Wednesday the 8th of August, I ventured the three hour drive up to Bristol to see the amazing Fat Freddys Drop play a sell out gig at the 02 academy in Bristol.

It was a hot summers barmy evening as we entered the venue and watched the support act, which i will say i can't remember who they were and i didn't think much of them.... They didn't make an impression on me to remember them or ever listen to them again put it that way.

Once the support act had finished we made our way down to the pit area in front of the stage and Fat Freddys Drop entered the stage to massive cheers and applause.

Playing lots of new and unheard music the skanking began and we started to enjoy the gig, However we crowds now trying to get to the front of the gig we were spending more time being shoved and pushed and with a friend with me who is not as tall as myself decided to enjoy the gig better we would move out of the pit and up a level and watch from one of the balconies.

Fat freddys drop gig Bristol
Unfortunately moving our place during the gig was not such a great idea and with a venue at capacity we struggled to get a good spot. Eventually we found a great spot were we could all see, and dance and not fear about having pints chucked over us whilst dancing.

The highlight for the night for me was when Fat Freddys play there Big Bondigga track from their second album, the place was electric and you couldn't help but jump around like a lunitic to their music. With the gig coming to an end, and sweating more than i ever have done in my life it was onto their on-core and the gig was over. I will say this is the second time that i have seen the fantastic band live and hopefully not the last, they were truly amazing, real crowd pleasers and there live array of instruments creating some amazing reggae ska beats could not be faulted.

 After the gig and it still feeling incredible warm, we ventured down to the river bank in Bristol to get a cool refreshing pint and sit by the water and chill out. On arriving at the river side bar there were lots of other people doing the same thing, wearing their gig t-shirts and the bar was even playing Fat Freddys music, it was the perfect end to the evening.

Fat freddys drop gig in the UK

Here's mysel and my friend proudly wearing our gig t-shirts.

Fat Freddys Drop were truly amazing live, and i will see them again soon.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Olmpic fever strikes small cornish village.

 I Recently took a drive up to North Devon on the Atlantic highway and whilst passing through the small village of Kilkampton i couldn't help but notice the Olympic scarecrows. At first i thought there was a real horse in the road stepping out so i slowed right down, it was then that i realized that there were several Olympic scarecrows dotted throughout the village.
Olympic scarecrows Cornwall

Olympic scarecrows Kilkampton Cornwall

Olympic scarecrows Kilkampton Atlantic highway Cornwall

Staues in kilkampton

Olympic art in Cornwall

Olympic celebrations in Cornwall

Olympic decorations in Cornwall

Olympic models in Cornwall

Olympics in Cornwall

Kilkampton village
What a fantastic effort by a small village and really worth a drive through just to see how many of the Olympic spots you can spot.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

New roller derby skates

Roller derby chick 

As some of you may know i recently joined a rookie night to try out roller derby in Newquay with the Atlantic Breakers. After much wobbling and falling over i soon started to get the hang of being on wheels. I now try to go skating with the girls at least twice a week, and although i am no where near the standard i need to be to compete in actual matches i'm having loads of fun learning how to skate in derby style.

pink roller skartes

Cornwall roller derby

Roller skate cornwall

Roller skates

Pink roller skate wheels

Here's my new skates complete with pink wheels and checkered ankle supports and tongue. A massive part of me is the hot rod styling of checks on everything so i love them.