Saturday 18 August 2012

Cheddar gorge wild camping

Cheddar gorge
 After the Bristol balloon festival we headed to cheddar gorge and found this little spot to camp for the night. With a quiet road and a peaceful setting we didn't arrive until about 1am and pretty shattered we slept soundly in the mouth of the gorge, When we arrived it was pitch black and it wasn't until the following morning we were able to see what a beautiful spot we had spent the night in.
road through cheddar gorge

Cliffs at cheddar gorge

photographs of cheddar gorge
Cheddar gorge images

Cheddar gorge pictures

Cheddar Gorge

View at Cheddar gorge

Map of the south west

When we woke up we spent some time exploring cheddar village in the daylight had some breakfast and accessed the map on where to head to next.

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