Friday 17 August 2012

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Whilst up in Bristol for the Fat Freddys Drop gig we realised we were in Bristol for the same weekend as their famous Balloon Fiesta. I've always seen pictures on the news, or on posters for the balloon fiesta but never been so as we were in the area we decided to see what it was all about.

On arriving at the fiesta we were parked in a massive car park and couldn't really see what was going on. After a long walk down from the top of a hill over looking bristol we were finally making our way to the festival centre. With fair ground rides, craft stalls, food stalls and lot of kids entertainment it seamed there was lots to do and this was before we had even seen a balloon.

With the sun beating down we decided to get a spot to sit on around the edge of the balloon launch site and wait for the action to begin.

There were a few balloons inflating and deflating and some commentary on these balloons, but soon the field was filling up with all the special shapes balloons. From the Churchill dog, to a Giant baby-bell cheese an even a giant action man. By about 7 o'clock some of the balloons started taking off and as we watched them disappear in the sky we thought what a lovely evening we had had and what a nice festival this had been.
Bristol balloon fiesta

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon launch

Churchill dog hot air balloon

Balloon festival bristol 

Action man hot air balloon

It was then that we realised that the fiesta was filling up even more and the place was getting packed out, After checking the programme we soon realised that the crowds were waiting for the finale of the night glow. Again we had no idea what this consisted of. Once it had got dark, to the background of British music a circle of balloons were inflated these then used there fire to glow and dance to the music. This was truly incredible giant balloons seaming to dance in time with the music. Add a spectacular firework show and a solitary GB balloon solo flight finale and the crowds went wild cheering, dancing and just having a brilliant time young an old.
Hot air balloons at night

Firework display bristol balloon fiesta

Fun fair at Bristol balloon fiesta

I would highly recommend going to this event, We went not really knowing what exactly it was going to be like and were thoroughly impressed and would definitely like to go again. We only popped along for an hour or so in the afternoon and didn't leave the site until at least midnight. A thoroughly entertaining event that i would recommend to anyone.

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