Sunday 9 July 2017

The most magical evening of my life, But what was it???

If your a regular follower to my blog or even a real friend in the real world then it is hard to avoid knowing that, I GOT ENGAGED.

I'm still bursting with happiness, if you want to read all about the proposal skip back to my blog post here and read all about it.

After the proposal it was late afternoon and we had already planned the evening to go into the city and go to the open air ice skating but first we had to celebrate a toast to our new engagement and more importantly tell my mum!!!
We got Engaged
We got Engaged
We went back to the hotel to utilise the Wifi and utilise the bar and with a glass of bubbly each, I text my mum asking if she was about for a quick skype call. She instantly replied yes and that she was on skype to my brother at the same time. Perfect!
I was quite surprised that she had replied saying yes as usually we skype for several hours and she knew we were away and that I wouldn't be around for a long call but anyway, we dialled in and told them the happy news.

After a few texts and calls to the immediate family and a few more glasses of bubbles we were heading out of the hotel slightly tipsy towards the train station to get the train to the city centre.

We arrived at the ice skating rink in a bubble of happiness. There were couples and families everywhere, smiling, enjoying there time on the ice. There was a small Ferris wheel decorated with lights next to the ice rinks and there were food stalls selling everything imaginable including hot mulled wine!
Ice Skating at Night in Vienna
Ice Skating at Night in Vienna
Ice Skating in the city centre Vienna
Ice Skating in the city centre Vienna
 Open air ice skating vienna - AustriaOpen air ice skating vienna - AustriaOpen air ice skating vienna - Austria
 Grand building in Vienna
We worked out how to hire skates, and use the lockers for our shoes and were soon on the ice soaking up the magical experience.
However, there was one slight problem. My newly titled Fiance can not ice skate!!!! Even with a bit of dutch courage there was no way this was going to work. We laughed hysterically as a small boy skated over and offered help. 'Sir, Sir' you do it like this'

After just a few laps, my other half decided that his time would be much better spent drinking mulled wine and spectating!
I on the other hand skated my socks off. Fuelled by excitement, adrenaline and prosseco and with several rinks to skate around enjoyed an evening soaking in everything that had happened that day.
Evening ice skating in Vienna
Evening ice skating in Vienna
After working up an alcohol, ice skating fuelled appetite we decided to grab some of the authentic Austrian Street food and more hot wine before heading back to the hotel to celebrate more.

Thank You to my wonderful fiance for making me the happiest girl on the planet and I can't wait to be your wifey.

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