Monday 6 January 2014

Perranporth beach storm photos

The wateringhole Perranporth
Cornwall has seen a large amount of change this weekend with coastal locations altered by the damaging high tides combined with exceptionally large strong swells. These pictures are of Perranporth beach on the North Cornwall coast. Anyone that knows the beach will know that it doesn't normally look like this. The Watering Hole pub sits on the beach and has done for years, it sits slightly higher above the hide tide line but this weekend the waves came incredibly close to the pub. What was once a gradual slope of sand from the pub down to the shore now resembles a sheer cliff face cut through the sand by the raging sea. 

Storm damage at perranporth beach

Damage at the watering hole perranporth beach

Perranporth Beach

Perranporth beach during the storms

New cliffs at Perranporth beach

Perranporth Cornwall

The watering hole pub on the beach

Perranporth beach

Wateringhole bar in the beach cornwall
The high tides weren't just carving change on the sand but the rough seas were also causing destruction into the town. Here the Tywarnhayle pub is surrounded by water. Rain water around the front and the approaching sea around the back.
Tywarnhayle Inn Perranporth

The Tywarnhayle inn perranporth
The sand bags are out in force throughout Perranporth protecting properties and shops throughout the town and with even more rain pouring down tonight and an exceptional high tide forecast tomorrow I think the sand bags will be out for a while.
Flood preparation in Cornwall

Flooding in perranporth

The image below is the main car park on the sea front at Perranporth and this photograph was taken from the very back. The sea has completely engulfed the whole car park leaving behind a trail of washed up debris.
Car park in perranporth

Debris left by the storm surge in perranporth cornwall

storm clear up in perranporth cornwall

car park flooding in perranporth

Sand bags in Perranporth

These images show the force of mother nature and how dangerous and powerful the sea can be. Fortunately I don't think any properties were effected by this weekends flooding and it will just take some man power to clean up the town and remove the debris. Although the town looks a bit of a mess the town isn't damaged. Unlike Fistral beach that took slightly more of a beating than the beach at Perranporth.

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