Thursday 23 January 2014

Bike riding in Cornwall

When I was in my teens I used to love cycling I grew up in Essex but loved the countryside so I would go off on my bike at any available opportunity and cycle out of the city to the surrounding countryside. Sadly my bike was stolen and the cycling went on hold, my life changed, I learnt to drive and I moved to Cornwall, my passion for learning to surf took over and I never replaced my bike.

After nearly eight years of living in Cornwall this Christmas I received a new bike and my new years resolution like many others to 'get fit' might actually happen by accident with my reinstalled passion to explore the local area by pedal power.

I find that there are still so many parts of Cornwall that I don't know but driving around you don't get the chance to take in the full view, so on my bike I get the chance to explore new areas, see things and enjoy them whilst getting a bit of fresh air in my lungs.

Sunday I cycled to the beautiful fishing harbour of Padstow. Although my plan was to cycle to Wadebridge and back before the rain struck

View towards st austell

Wind turbines at wadebridge

Cycling in Wadebridge

cycling in Padstow

Rainbow over rock

Bike rides in Cornwall
I've already started planning my next cycling route around Cornwall but with lots of rain forecast this weekend I think I might have to put my next route on hold. 

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