Thursday 9 January 2014

Porthleven during Hercules storm

Storm swell hits Porthleven

On Monday the whole of Cornwall was on flood alert with the massive storm swell Hercules hitting the coast. During Monday afternoon at low tide I headed over to Porthleven to see what the storm was doing to the coastal town that is famous for picking up large swells during the winter months. The images below are all taking around low tide and shows just how big this swell was with the tide nearly fully in even at low tide.
Massive seas in Porthleven

Porthleven during storms

Porthleven storms 2014

Porthleven during Hercules storm Porthleven during Hercules storm 2014

Porthleven harbour during storm

This image still taken at low tide shows the water close to breaking over the closed inner harbour meaning that come high tide there was no stopping the surge of water from hitting the small Cornish town.

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