Thursday 16 January 2014

Valentines day wish list

Christmas has only just ended and I'm still working my way through a massive amount of Christmas food and I realise it's less than a month to Valentines day!

I used to hate valentines day when I was at school, you never wanted to be the girl that didn't get any valentines cards but at the same time you really didn't want a valentines from the class clown. The day always made me nervous and was always glad it was over and never really thought much more about it. Now I'm in a long term relationship, approaching six years with my boy and I now look forward to Valentines day. I'm not one for only telling the person that I'm with that I love them on one specific day but Valentines day is a really good excuse to cook some lovely food and spend the evening snuggled up on the sofa watching a movie together, not doing any house work and leaving the dishes until the next day!

I don't think romance should be forced on one specific day and love it when I get home from work to find treats from my other half for no other reason than he loves me but that doesn't mean that I don't get to put my thinking cap on and work on a wish list for what I would like as a special valentines gift!

Thinking back to my school days I used to have Baby G watches, I had a blue one and two pink ones and this year they have this gorgeous heart themed watch. The best thing about these watches is that I can wear them whilst I go surfing! No more spending to long in the water and being late for work or over running on the car parking ticket!

But whilst I'm window shopping for myself I couldn't resist noticing this watch that I think Mr. Photobrook would love.

Although I would love to get his and hers watches this Valentines Day As long as we are together happy and healthy and have each other then I am more than happy and glad to have such a lovely man in my life :@)

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