Thursday 30 January 2014

Plans to widen the A303 is great news for Cornwall

In the news this week it was announced that plans were being put forward for the widening of the A303 through the blackdown hills. This is a beautiful but troublesome route that I have used for many years, travelling down to Cornwall with my family when I was a child to trips back to Essex now that I live in Cornwall. But one trip stopped me using the the A303 ever again. We were invited to a friends 30th in Essex one August so setting off early we decided that we would use the A303 but 6 hours later we were fed up, we had only just reached the famous Stonehenge and were most definitely going to miss the party. We were stuck bumper to bumper in traffic with no where to go and eventually managed to cut across county back to Bristol and joined the M5 where we turned around and headed back to Cornwall. After nearly a 12 hour journey no where we swore we would never use that route again and so this news to improve the road is welcomed from me as long as it takes the area of outstanding natural beauty into consideration.

Stonehenge from the A303
This is my favourite bit of using the A303 seeing the magnificent Stonehenge so hopefully if they improve the road more people can visit this amazing historic site.  

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