Saturday 1 February 2014

Cornwalls first snow of 2014

When magic seaweed posted the headline that Hercules two was heading our way this weekend the media read their article and the words apocalyptic vibe and local and national press has gone into overdrive about the impending doom of this latest storm.
A tiny glimpse of snow in Cornwall

Waking up this morning to a slight smattering of snow blue skies and no wind it makes you wonder if the media hype will get the predicted storm correct. In all fairness the winds are not due to pick up until around 3pm and the swell not building until lunchtime with the biggest waves due around 6pm. This waves today at Watergate are forecast at their peak to be around 24ft but if you look further into the forecast another storm swell looks forecast on Wednesday with waves at heights of 22ft then another batch of swell next Saturday with heights of 22ft.

Is today's forecast storm swell any different from that that's predicted on Wednesday and the following Saturday or is it simply that word 'apocalyptic' that has grabbed the headlines this weekend. The fact that today's storm coincides with a high spring tide does mean that there could be flooding but as far as big waves are concerned today looks like just one day of many more big swells to come.

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