Sunday 2 February 2014

Lusty Glaze beach Newquay storm damage

My round up of my local beaches continues, here I visit Lusty Glaze to see how well the beach stood up to last nights storms and I'm sad to say that it doesn't look to pretty. With probably the worst damage that I had seen so far.

Although the massive hole that opened up at Newquays Towan beach was bad, this seemed more upsetting, seeing lots of squashed beach huts with people's personal possessions inside getting destroyed seemed worse than a hole in the concrete, although possibly a bit cheaper to repair?

Newquay Storm Damage

Storm damage in Newquay

Storm damage newquay

Newquay storm pictures

Newquay damage from winter storms

Lusty Glaze storm damage

If you've had your property damaged by the floods from the storm surge it must be heartbreaking and I hope that things can be repaired soon for everyone affected. It really is shocking, so far I have visited Towan Beach, Tolcarne Beach and now Lusty Glaze beach and the situation across the coast of Cornwall so far is not good

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