Friday 14 February 2014

Be careful in the storms

We can certainly say that 2014 has got off to an extremely stormy start with continuos weather warnings causing havoc across the country. In Cornwall we have the added threat of being surrounded by the sea and the storms haven't just been about the wind and rain but the added element of giant waves and surging spring tides.

It's bad enough getting a bit wind swept and soggy by the weather but adding giant waves into the mix can be a recipe for disaster. With another storm in full force today I wanted to share some of my recent images whilst out storm watching as a warning to people not to get to close to the breaking waves. I'm not trying to sound a bit wet and ruin peoples fun, but getting caught in a little sea spray is one thing, but getting sweep off your feet and sucked out to sea is not something I want to witness. I'm not condoning people not to go storm watching because I for one, want to witness the power of the ocean whilst it is so spectacular, I just want to say to people in Cornwall be safe! Be careful! and don't risk your life for a quick thrill or quick photograph that could risk your life and the life of others that might be drawn in to rescue you.
Perranporth storm waves

Newquay Storm Waves

Newquay Storm Watching

Newquay Cornwall Storm watching

Sennen Storm Photograph

Newquay Storm Watching

If the police have tapped off an area it means there is a danger so don't go tearing down the tape and entering areas at risk by the storms, the police and coastguards know the areas very well and are only looking out for our safety not ruining our fun!

With half term just around the corner Cornwall will be invaded by people that don't necessarily know the area or the dangers, and you may see people taking more risks. Hopefully the storms will subside before the tourists descend but in the mean time be safe, be flood aware and enjoying this beast that nature is throwing at us.

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