Thursday 13 February 2014

Portreath during the storms

At the end of 2013 when Cornwall was struck by a giant storm I was really excited, seeing these monstrous waves crashing into the coast. Waves that towered over the rugged Cornish cliffs, waves bursting with energy left me bursting with excitement.

I did not expect 2014 to continue with massive storms and more giant waves. As we left January behind and moved in February there has been no let up in the weather and therefore no let up in the photographs of giant waves!

Here are my photos from Saturday at Portreath when swells carrying waves up to 30ft high came crashing into the coast.

Portreath storm

Giant waves engulf Portreath in Cornwall

Huge waves in Cornwall hitting portreath harbour

Massive Waves at Portreath in Cornwall

Portreath island during the winter storms

Portreath Cornwall storm swell

Portreath harbour storm damage

Portreath Harbour

Portreath harbour during the storms 2014

Massive waves Portreath

With more storms forecast this weekend and more again into the following week theres plenty more photo opportunities around the Cornish coast, I just hope the Cornish coastline can handle the consistent battering that mother nature is throwing at her.

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