Monday 12 August 2013

Boardmasters 2013 Photos

This year was the first year in many that I didn't attend the music event over at Watergate Bay. Now for many of you who follow my blog will know that Watergate Bay and live music are two of my favourite things but this year the music line up really didn't float my boat. Now I know that the event organisers put a lot of effort into putting on bands that everyone will enjoy but having seen Ben Howard before and not knowing who the vacines are these two headline acts did not encourage me to buy a ticket this year.

Being a festival bunny this did surprise me a lot, but I did spent the weekend down at Fistral with my camera catching up on the surfing action and the BMXing which I normally miss being over at the music event. Not to mention I got in the water myself both days so all in all a good weekend.

Here's my photos of the very talented BMX riders during the final on the SUnday as well as a few pictures of the crazy people jumping off scaffolding from a great height into a blow up mat....

Boardmasters 2013 pictures

Boardmasters Fistral 2013 picturesBoardmasters 2013 BMX pictures

2013 boardmasters photosBoardmasters fistral beach

Boardmasters BMX finalBMX final at boardmasters 2013

Boardmasters newquay 2013

Boardmasters Newqauy

Relentless boardmasters 2013

Boardmasters 2013

Check out the rest of the pictures from Boardmasters this weekend at Fistral and don't forget to 'like' my facebook page to keep up to date with all my latest pics and reviews.

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