Thursday 29 August 2013

It's not the size of it it's what you do with it that counts.

Tonight I attended another evening surf class with the lovely guys at the Offshore surf school in Newquay but with small waves with not much power the instructors had a plan for the session.

Tonight we were practising tricks on our boards, from switching direction whilst on the board, forwards rolls on boards, sitting cross legged in a budda position and even laying back the wrong way on the board and assuming a praying position, not to mention walking the board and attempting to hang five!

The waves were small, and we were all on swell boards but we all had an absolute blast, party waves where everyone was riding the same wave and  even two instructors surfing on the same board at once! It really was brilliant fun and took away the seriousness that i've recently been experiencing with my surfing progression. Week after week i've been going out back on my lessons and facing the wall when taking drop in's and getting frustrated each time when i don't proceed with my surfing but tonight was all about the sheer fun and why i love going in the water.

Thank you to the instructors at the surf school for putting together such a brilliant club and thank you to all the guys on the lessons that give so much encouragement each week on our journeys through learning to surf.
Surfing Newquay

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