Saturday 10 August 2013

Land of the Giants at Watergate Bay

It will be hard for people in Cornwall not to be hearing about Watergate Bay this weekend with the ever popular Boardmasters surf and music event taking place. But just down the road from the main music event the Phoenix pub hosted an evening of live music with the wonderfully talented Land of the Giants playing.

Completely ignoring the festival going on at the top of the hill crowds of people still flocked to the phoenix. The band kicked off in true style and even with a band member missing got the crowd dancing and jumping straight away.

The band played a mix of rootsy, ska mixed with head banging bass which had the place bouncing. Unfortunately the slow ceilings were cramping the style for the tall ones ever so slightly but this did not stop the intimate electric atmosphere created by the band. Getting lost in the music and dancing the night away you really didn't notice the 'major' music festival going on metres away from you.

Even better still was as the place filled up and warmed up the lead guitarist and trumpet player decided it was time to remove their tops...... What can I say, Hot, tattooed, talented musicians with their muscles out playing into the crowd. Perfect night and can't wait to see the band again at over the hill festival in a few weeks.

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