Friday 2 August 2013

Top Ten Cars to Look Out for in the Year 2022

When Jessica asked me to host a guest post by her on car's that will still be cool in 2022, I couldn't say no, especially as it featured the VW beetle in the list!

"Cars are a trend in technology and fashion as it were which cannot ever be extinct and this is as a result of the fact that cars provide you with the comfort that you deserve when you are someone who is always moving from one place to another most especially if such movements are work related. Car manufacturing companies churn out cars on a regular basis. It is on this note however that a look at some of the cars that can be trendy and fashionable by the year 2022 will be done through the help of this article.

Reasons why people buy cars:

There are many reasons that make people buy cars and some of such reasons are as follows:

a. To show off that they drive the latest car of a particular car manufacturing company;

b. Simply because of the love of the particular kind of car;

c. The aesthetic design of the car;

d. The last but not the least is as a result of its functionality and comfort ability.

Factors that were put into consideration before coming up with these cars:

It is to be stated here that the following reasons are a few of the factors that were put into consideration before the compilation of the list of the cars that can be used even till the year 2022:

i. Sturdiness: how strong a car is, is a very essential reason that was put into consideration especially when you are making up your mind on buying a car that can last you for at least a decade? The strength or sturdiness of the car will go a long way in helping you decide on which type of car to buy.

ii. Aesthetic Design: how a car looks should also be considered so that you can be sure of the fact that the car will still look great by the year 2012.

iii. Functionality: the functional ability of the car is also an added advantage when you are going for a car that will last you for the minimum of at least a decade.

iv. Comfort: how comfortable the car makes you feel when you are in it will also help you determine whether you will be able to make use of the car for a long term of at least a decade.

The List of Ten Cars that have been rated to still look great even till the year 2022:

The following are some of the cars that have been rated to still look great even up till the year 2022 which is at least about a decade:

1. Jeep Wrangler: this car is one of the cars that have been rated to still look great by the year 2022 and this is due to the comfort and functional abilities of the car.

2. Honda Civic: this is yet another great car that can be recommended to still look great even till the year 2022 and the major reason for this brand of car to be chosen is simply because it is a car that draws attention to its self and is therefore easily loved and noticed by people wherever you take it to.

3. Mercedes Benz G Class: this car will last and still look great in the year 2022 because it is especially designed for durability and it has the ability of functioning properly even when the terrain that the car is being driven on is rough.

4. Aston Martin Virage: the materials that were used to design this car makes it a durable car that will last till the year 2022 and still look the way it looks today and that is great.

5. McLaren MP4 -12C: this car will still be in vogue and still look great by the year 2022 because of the fact that it has been designed to function smoothly and properly on the race tracks.

6. Mini Cooper: this is a car that will look great by the next decade due to its ability to function properly at every point in time.

7. Chrysler 300: the fact that it was designed as a good combination of the Bentley and the Rolls Royce cars will make it last for at least a decade.

8. Volkswagen Beetle: this is a very sturdy car that was especially designed to be able to stand the test of time.
Classic VW Beetle - Cornwall

9. Dodge Challenger: this car is a very good car that is especially designed for the race tracks and this will still continue by the year 2022.

10. Rolls Royce Phantom: this is the last but not the least of the cars that will be mentioned here and the design of the car leaves one with no other conclusion than to state that it will last till the year 2022.

The above mentioned cars are cars that are sure to last for the next decade (till the year 2022). These cars will still look great despite the change in the trend of cars that are made and bought in the future."

Jessica Atlass is a mother of two and had previous experience working in Consumer Rights. She loves to blog about cars, finance and safety. Recently, she has published a guide on how to save money on car insurance in Cambridge, Ontario and Kitchener, Ontario.

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