Monday 29 July 2013

Travelling around Amsterdam and taking lots of photos

Thinking back to my travels a few weeks ago I wanted to share some more pictures from Amsterdam to inspire people to visit the city.

There is most definitely a stigma attached to Amsterdam where most people conjure up images of mass stag do's, visiting the red light district and hours spent in 'coffee' shops smoking marijuana. But there is another side. There is so much culture, so much history and so much to see and to which doesn't involve sex, drugs and rock and roll.

For our second day in Amsterdam we visited the Stedelijk Museum which houses modern art, contemporary art, and design. This is right next to the Van Gogh museum so if your a fan of Art you can literally spend a whole day in both these museums.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Parks in Amsterdam
After spending several hours in the Stedelijk Museum we headed back into the city centre and did some traditional sightseeing. In Amsterdam there are so many amazing buildings to see, some modern and new with impressive architecture and others old and wonky and leaning in true Amsterdam style. 


Tram tracks in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam 
This picture really did sum up Amsterdam for me, Lots of cyclists and lots of flowers!
After several hours walking around the city centre taking in the atmosphere we headed to a lovely riverside bar for a bite to eat and several beers.
Entertainment in Amsterdam

Traditional Amsterdam buildings

Amsterdam at Night

I would highly recommend Amsterdam as a place to go on holiday. If you want to see where we camped in Amsterdam visit my earlier blog post. 

Have you been to Amsterdam? Tell me what you favourite thing about Amsterdam is?

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