Thursday 18 July 2013

I think I need assistance from the Duracell bunny!

Living in a world of technology it's not surprising that we get through heaps of batteries but this week everything in my house seams to have died at the same time. Being into my photography I know that having back up batteries all the time is highly important and with my Nikon DSLR I always take a fully charged spare battery with me 'just in case' but for everything else in the house I don't have a kitchen draw full of new batteries. Even when we were away in Europe in the van I took spare batteries for my little compact camera, and spare batteries for the head torch.

After getting back from my travels across Europe the week started with me wanting to bake a cake and my digital scales not switching on as they had a dead battery. Then I went to switch the mac on and the batteries in the keyboard had died. Followed by my partner moaning that the TV remote had stopped working! I wonder if it something to do with the hot weather but this week everything is dying on me including lots of blown lightbulbs???

I popped to my local shop and was horrified by the cost of batteries, I usually use rechargeable batteries for everything but unfortunately the batteries that I needed were those little flat disc ones and AAA's non of which I have rechargeable ones. You might be reading this thinking WHY am I writing about batteries but I didn't realise how expensive they are now so wanted to have a rant!

My local shop wanted nearly £6 for each pack and I needed 3 packs!!! I returned home to an unhappy boyfriend as he still had no TV remote but I wasn't paying that for batteries. I'm not usually a super scrimper but after our holiday to Amsterdam and it being the end of the month the penny pinching begins. I've never bought batteries online but after a quick search realised that it's so much cheaper buying online. I used Battery Station and Amazon Who I didn't even know sold batteries and managed to get the three packets of batteries I needed for the cost of one in my local shop.
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Now I live in a village and the local shop is more of a garage and general store so I know I should support my local shop and I do when buying bread and milk and try not to go to the big soulless super stores but I am now fully converted to buying my batteries online and my other half is happy that not only can he change channels on the box with the remote but there are spare batteries in draw.

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