Friday 12 July 2013

Road trip to Zeeland, Middelburg, Netherlands.

Continuing on from yesterdays post about our road trip to European Bug In today's post continues the road trip deeper into Europe.

On the Monday we packed up the van and left the campsite from the weekends adventure at the 5th European Bug In, in Chimay Belgium venturing to an area of islands in the South-West Netherlands called Zeeland about 3 hours away from where we were camping.
Map of Zeeland, Netherlands
Leaving Chimay we traveled North around the town of Charleroi and up further North and around Brussels before we started to pass over several bridges and waterways and into the Netherlands. With our friends and their trusty Sat Nav departed all we had was an AA road map of the whole of Europe with only main towns marked on it. We headed straight for the capital of Zeeland, Middelburg and luckily didn't get lost.
Road trip map to Zeeland
We spent several hours walking around Middelburg with it's beautiful market town and wonderful side streets. There were beautiful marinas and great architecture to see. This was our first stop in the Nererlands and the change in scenery was quite dramatic. Everyone's perception of the Netherlands is that it is completely flat, of which it is. However what I wasn't expecting was the perfect alignment of everything else around. Perfect straight roads, lines of tress planted equal distances apart, rows of wind turbines in equal distance apart to the trees and everything around feeling very perfectly organized, very clean and very tidy.

Middelburg Marina. Netherlands

Dutch waterways Middelburg, Netherlands

Middelburg town centre

Dutch Architecture

Middelburg Zeeland, Netherlands

Houses in Zeeland, Middelburg, Netherlands
After several hours in Middelburg we decided to visit a local shop to get some picnic food for the evening and find somewhere to camp for the night.

Pop over to my blog tomorrow to find out where we stayed on our first night camping in the Netherlands.

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