Monday 15 July 2013

Burgh-Haamstede, Scharendikje, zierikzee and the Zeeland Bridge. Netherlands road trip.

From the previous days trip to Domburg we travelled across the N57 joining the islands to reach Burgh-haamstede. The journey across this area of the Netherlands was amazing. Beautiful clear still waters and amazing long bridges with stunning wind turbines gracefully turning in the wind.
Zeeland Netherlands

Zeeland Netherlands

Netherlands Zeeland
Here's our van looking very little under the bridge on the N57 on our way heading to Burgh-haamstede. 
Under the Oosterscheldekering bridge Netherlands

Wind turbines Netherlands
After a few hours of driving around the coast roads and taking in the views we took another stop for a picnic lunch. Stopping at Scharendikje marina with a picnic we took in the views of the marina and had a walk around the marina. Again another beautiful peaceful spot, On first entering the Netherlands the roads were wide and the cities we bypassed where massive, being somewhere so peaceful and stunning was quite a shock as was expecting a more industrial landscape than what we were witnessing.  
Scharendikje marina Netherlands
After leaving Scharendikje we stopped in the town of Zierikzee to see the windmill. This has to be one of my favourite places we visited on the trip. The town on first arrival presented us with a car park at the rear of a small super market and at the back of lots of shops. We even wondered whether to even get out of the car as the place didn't look very inviting. Once we ventured out of the car and into the town we were both pleasantly surprised. With quaint shops, alfresco dining, castles, windmills and lots of stunning buildings there really was a lot to see.  
Zierikzee town centre Netherlands

Zierikzee town centre Netherlands

Windmill Zierikzee

Zierikzee castle Netherlands

Windmill Zierikzee Netherlands
As the night started drawing to a close we travelled to see the Zeeland bridge as it looked pretty big on the map. We were yet again glad that we made the effort to see this bridge as it was huge! The bridge went as far as the eye could see and disappeared into the mist. Travelling over the bridge we researched and found out that the bridge is 5022 metres long. After crossing the bridge we found another spot to camp for the night after another great day travelling through the Netherlands. Next stop Amsterdam.
Zeeland Bridge Netherlands

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