Thursday 11 July 2013

10 Ways to Make a First Date More Interesting

10 Ways to Make a First Date More Interesting
Unlike Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in “50 First Dates”, you can’t have more than one first date with someone. Therefore, it is better that you do not fall into the hands of the typical, cliché first dates. Skip the dinner and the movie if you can. Both activities do not really help you connect and find out more about someone. First, having dinner (especially in a posh restaurant) usually brings a serious and stiff environment for both of you. You get to talk about the weather and the food. Second, movie dates require both of you to sit beside each other and not talk. You both are facing the screen and won’t be engaging in any interesting conversation until after the movie.
It also helps to pick the right person to begin with (you can search for a potential date by interest on sites like
There are other ways to make your first date memorable . Here are 10 interesting (and not too expensive) first date ideas:
  1. Go to a bookstore or a rifle range. Before going on your first date, chances are you have a little background on what your potential partner wants. He/she may love the outdoors, books or food. Pick a place where you can have an activity together and discover a part of their personality. Also a nice change of pace compared to browsing on your own.
  2. Play a multiplayer game together. With the rise of mobile and tablet games, it’s impossible you won’t find a game you both can enjoy for a couple of hours. It can be as simple as tic tac toe or a more complicated RPG game where both of you can create a character. Gaming has been shown to improve relationships between players.
  3. Go on a workshop. Learn something new while learning more about your date. Props if you get a workshop on something he/she enjoys – perhaps writing or painting?
  4. Have your date in a theme park. Let’s face it. We’re all kids at heart. Theme parks bring back the nostalgia. You may even hear about their childhood and the happy memories they had.
  5. Recreate a favorite scene in a movie. This is for the bold people who are willing to show a fun but personal side of them. Whether you’re just having coffee one afternoon, you can just have a go at it and make your date smile. Pick a scene that shows your personality and interest.
  6. Go on a walking tour. Most walking tours are free and offered by institutions. You can enjoy the scenery and learn something while trying to engage them in a conversation. Walking tours give you a plethora of topics you can discuss.
  7. Take a personality test. HR personnel do this. It doesn’t mean that you will have an excuse to ditch each other. Taking personality tests actually sets your expectations with the person. It helps you understand your date more. Most people fail at dating because they tend to think that their dates are mirror images of themselves.
  8. Go to a karaoke bar. Sing your heart out. Also a good idea if you're not in the US, as it's one of the most popular dating ideas in Asia. If you want to get to know a person better, look at their playlist. This is a fun ice breaker, just make sure it fits his/her personality.
  9. Ditch the posh restaurants, go for a buffet or barbeque joint. These types of restaurants are usually packed with families. It has an atmosphere that would help your date relax while enjoying plates of food with you. Go for lunch – less crowd and friendlier mood.
  10. Be an active listener. However way you decide to go with your first date, you have to be an active listener. This is your chance to know, interact and connect with someone. Don’t be too full of yourself that you end up talking mostly about your life than getting to know your date.

    First dates are usually the stepping stone into relationships. It also makes up as good anecdotes during future conversations. So just be yourself and enjoy the company. 

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