Tuesday 25 June 2013

Lego birthday cake.

With my partner's birthday on the horizon and the boosted confidence from last weeks success from the creme patisserie bake I decided I wanted to make my other half a birthday cake. For my regular blog readers you would have seen last years birthday cake creation that was a Porsche cake. This year I wanted to create a lego cake. Doing a Google image search for lego cakes left me with lots of ideas to follow.
Victoria sponge cake
I started by making a regular victoria sponge cake and then decided that one cake was not nearly big enough  and doubled up the recipe making a second cake. Whilst the cakes where cooking it was time to make the individual lego bricks.
Lego fondant icing
Using the outside plastic edge of a biro I stamped out lots of tiny little circles of icing and using the tip of a knife carefully sat the circles onto the squares of icing. Several hours later and several bricks made the cakes where cooked and cooling nicely.
Edible lego bricks

Lego cake bricks
With the two cakes stacked on top of each other to make a square I sandwiched the cake with jam and butter cream icing. Laying white icing over the whole cake was necessary to hold the cakes together and stop them from sliding around.  I then added a second layer of icing and cut a sliver and rolled it back on itself to look like the cake underneath was made of lego bricks.
lego birthday cake

Lego sponge cake

lego cake
Adding lego characters that looked like my partner where the finishing touches to the cake, and i'm pleased to say my partner loved his cake even if at the age of 33 he really should have grown out of his love for lego!
lego cake pictures

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