Thursday 20 June 2013

Wedding favours for the Imaginative

Wedding favours might not be an essential part of the wedding and in fact some people nowadays don’t even know what they are because they have never experienced them at a wedding. However, when they are done the right way they can really contribute to the overall experience of the day and are a lovely way to thank the guests for attending and offering their best wishes to the happy couple. Nowadays people truly use their imagination when it comes to wedding favours so get your thinking cap on and find something suited to your joint personalities. 

Here is our list of 5 unusual and imaginative favour ideas.
Wedding favour ideas
It is very rare that you come across someone who doesn't like chocolate so a homemade box of chocolates is a wonderful gift idea. You can make a big batch of chocolates simply by melting chocolate and mixing it with marshmallows and nuts and then allowing it to set in little cases. Then add a few to each box and tie with a ribbon and a little name card. This is something that everyone can enjoy, although they might not last very long.
  1. If your wedding is themed then you need something to tie in with that theme. For example, at an Alice in Wonderland wedding you might see a table filled with pots of different sweets and little labels saying ‘Eat Me’. Guests can then help themselves, adding sweets of their choice to little bags and nibbling on them throughout the night. This DIY idea is becoming more popular, allowing people to take as much or as little as they like and it is always a hit with children.
  2. A novel idea that has started to catch on in recent years is to leave little bags of grow seeds in everyone’s places. They symbolise growing a positive future and will often feature a little saying on the bag, such as ‘grow a little love’. This would tie in nicely with a more homely wedding theme as it is a very rural idea.
  3. A simple yet effective idea is the keyring gift. This could apply to numerous ideas and can be personalised by the couple to suit the occasion. Standard keyrings can be bought that have space for a small photo on the main piece. There are also silver keyrings that could be engraved or novelty keyrings featuring a joke or a toy. The idea is to give the guests something to take home and keep and this product is always popular with children who might need entertaining after a certain amount of time at the wedding.
  4. Finally, a very popular, simple and cheap wedding favour idea is to buy personalised chocolates that are wrapped with a little message on each one. They usually feature a message of thanks for attending the wedding, but if you have the time you can personalise each message so that is special for that table or the individual guests, although this will cost much more.
To find suitable gifts all you really need to do is put a little time aside to work out how many you need to buy and what kind of budget you have. If you are low on time then buying something like the Alice in Wonderland sweet idea might be ideal as the guests do the work themselves which is a lot more favourable. Choose something that you would like to see at a wedding and something that makes you smile, I am sure you can think of numerous things. Hopefully it will have the same effect on the guests and it will be money well spent.

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