Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dragon Fruit for breakfast

Dragon FruitDragon Fruit
Pink Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit for breakfast, I love the colours so thought i'd take a few photos.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cornwall VW Jamboree 2011

Bank holiday weekend means Cornwall VW Jamboree, Run by the Cornwall VW owners club This year seamed quieter than normal but that might have been hampered by the weather, and one thing i must say is that it was cold!!! The sun did briefly come out on the Sunday but so did the showers and a persistent chilly breeze, By the bank holiday Monday when it was time to pack up the camping equipment the sun came out! Typical.

All in all it was a lovely weekend camping with friends and some very nice cars to look at too, here's a brief look at some of the pictures from the show.

VW Baja at Stithians Show
Cornwall VW Jamboree
Cornwall VW Jamboree, Stithians
Cornwall VW Jamboree, Stithians
VW Bonnet badge
Volkswagen stickers

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Guinea Pigs being cute again.

I know, i'm terrible, i'm going to bore everyone with more pictures of my fluffy friends, But my piggie is being so cute climbing up the bars to get my attention and have his belly tickled.

Cute Guinea pigCute pet
Red eyed guinea pig
Guinea pig eating dandelions

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Newquays Rubbish!

Litter on Newquay beachEvery year the six weeks summer holidays amaze me down here in Cornwall, I don't want to be one of these people that turns around and blames everything on tourists, as they do bring in so much income to the area, even if that also means bringing in loads of traffic onto our tiny roads also.

As many of you may know i am currently learning to surf and try to get in the water most evenings after work and usually the beaches are lovely and clean, Although recently i am angered at how dirty the beaches have become, From bits of broken buckets and spades, snapped children's body boards, BBQ's and beer cans left on the beach, and just general litter from icecreams and food, This really really upsets me, there's no need to leave the beaches covered in rubbish, especially when there are rubbish bins supplied at all beaches, and if these bins are full then please take your rubbish home! it's really not that hard, Please don't leave your rubbish on the beach to get washed into the sea for fellow swimmers and surfers to come across.

And even more annoyed was i to find a mattress bobbing along the shore line in Newquay this week, seriously there is no need for this, have some respect for our coastline and our beaches and stop treating them as a dumping ground :"(

If anyone wants to know more about keeping beaches and the water safe and clean for all to enjoy stay up to date with the great work that Surfers against sewage are doing.

Rubbish on Newquay beach
Rubbish on Cornwall beachMattress in the sea
Towan beach Newquay Photograph

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Boardmasters 2011 photos, Skateboarding

Boardmasters 2011 photos from Fistral beach Skateboarding. These photos were all taken when the sun finally came out on the sunday at relentless boardmasters.

Skate competition at Ripcurl Boardmasters
Skate comp newquay
Boardmasters vert ramp
Skateboard Newquay Boardmasters
skating at Relentless Boardmasters Newquay CornwallView all my Boardmasters 2011 skateboarding photos

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Boardmasters 2011 photos, Surfing finals at fistral beach

There was much going on at the Relentless Boardmasters, and here's some of my pictures of the surfing final heats from the Sunday on Fistral beach Newquay, Very pleased the sun came out on the last day as it had been pretty Grey and wet for most of the weekend during the live music at Watergate bay.
Boardmasters Surf comp finals
Boardmasters Surf comp Fistral BeachBoardmasters Fistral Beach NewquayBoardmasters Fistral Beach CornwallSurfing in Cornwall
View all my surfing photographs from Boardmasters 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Boardmasters 2011 Graffiti

Relentless Boardmasters wasn't just about the music and Surfing but also had lots going on on both at the Watergate Bay and Fistral festival sites, here is some of the graffiti that was on display at the festival on the Watergate bay site. The works of art were constantly changing and there were artists working on the walls all weekend.

Graffiti in CornwallGraffiti at Boardmasters Cornwall
Graffiti art at Boardmasters Cornwall
Graffiti art at Relentless Boardmasters Cornwall
Graffiti Relentless Boardmasters Newquay Cornwall

Monday, 15 August 2011

Boardmasters music festival, Watergate Bay

Here's some of my pictures from the Boardmasters Music festival at Watergate Bay over the weekend, Artists included Willy Mason, the Easy Star All Stars and the King Blues.

View more Boardmasters 2011 Photos

Relentless boardmasters festival
Main stage at Relentless boardmasters festival
Live music at Relentless boardmasters festival
Live music at Relentless boardmasters festival CornwallRelentless boardmasters festival Watergate Bay Cornwall
Relentless boardmasters festival Watergate Bay Cornwall

Boardmasters 2011 photos

I have lots of Boardmasters 2011 photos from the watergate Bay music festival and the Fistral beach surfing and skateboarding events that will be going live here soon,

After the terrible forecast of rain! most of this fell on the Friday night and didn't dampen things at all, and Saturday at the music event it stayed fairly dry all day apart from the odd bit of drizzle, Sunday for the last day at Fistral beach was hot and sunny perfect end to a great Boardmasters weekend.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Boardmaster 2011

I think these will be needed for tonight's Boardmasters music festival at Watergate Bay....

Festival welliesWhat is it about British festivals and rain?? Perhaps we should have more festivals in April and October and hope then we get better weather.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Watergate Bay, Surfing, Sunsets and Newton Faulkner

I've recently been trying to make the most of the light evenings before the nights draw in too much and it's dark even before I've left work. Oh i hate winter :@(

After work I've been spending a lot of time in the water and learning to surf, especially on a Wednesday going to the Skinners ladies surf group. (I still can't surf but i have fun trying)

Tonight was a particularly special evening not because my surfing improved, but because it is Boardmasters week this week, and Watergate Bay where i was surfing looked up onto the festival site. Blasting out sound tests was pretty cool as dance music pumping out whilst in the water with the sun going down definitely made an enjoyable evening... and to make it better just as i am coming out of the water we notice a group of people who for watergate bay were rather over dressed, Lots of suits and very smart clothes, not the usual attire or flip flops and boardshots, then one of the girls notices that within this group of people is one particular long ginger dread headed musician known as Newton Faulkner!

So all in all a special night tonight, and really wishing that i had tickets to Newton Faulkner's gig tomorrow evening down on Fistral beach.

Newton Faulkner Hall for Cornwall gigPicture of Newton Faulkner at Hall for Cornwall Truro 2009

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London and UK Riots

Just watching the news and I'm truly shocked and mortified at what these so called "Youths"are doing across the country, When i was a child i was always brought up in fear of the police, when ever i was naughty as a girl i was told the police would come.

OK so my parents wouldn't actually call the police for me misbehaving but it worked and i realized whats right and wrong and who i should respect.

I really don't get what these people are doing? They say "Youths" on the news are the school age? are they rioting because they are bored on summer holidays, or are they older than this and if so should know better?

Who is going to pay for all this damage? Because if the people that are causing this anarchy had jobs i would imagine they wouldn't be out looting and burning things for fear of being caught on TV and caught by police and perhaps risk loosing their jobs for doing this.

These people joining in all over the UK are just scum, i would never ever steal, not even a chocolate bar but these youths don't seam to have any morals , any realization of what is right or wrong, and for this i only blame the parents, Yes lack of jobs and lake of prospects, closure of youth clubs etc can be blamed but at the end of the day setting fire to something, something that's not yours and perhaps killing people and ruining peoples lives is just wrong. How would these people feel if the police went around burning down all these youths homes, and burning all there trainers and Hoodies? They wouldn't like it, just like businesses don't like having their stuff burnt down for no reason.

This must stop, people are blaming the police, but if i was the police and knew that these people had guns, petrol bombs, fireworks and shards of wood i think i would be cautious about stopping these thugs.

I know it's not my place to say but i do feel for some it is down to the parents, make sure you know where your kids are, make sure you know where these "New Trainers" are coming from.

Have some pride Britain!!!!

I feel deeply embarrassed to be British right now.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Amazing Sunset

After a very tiring surf down at Watergate Bay this evening there was a truly amazing sunset! I don't think i've ever seen the sky so red in my whole life

Cornwall sunset photograph
Cornwall sunset