Wednesday 10 August 2011

Watergate Bay, Surfing, Sunsets and Newton Faulkner

I've recently been trying to make the most of the light evenings before the nights draw in too much and it's dark even before I've left work. Oh i hate winter :@(

After work I've been spending a lot of time in the water and learning to surf, especially on a Wednesday going to the Skinners ladies surf group. (I still can't surf but i have fun trying)

Tonight was a particularly special evening not because my surfing improved, but because it is Boardmasters week this week, and Watergate Bay where i was surfing looked up onto the festival site. Blasting out sound tests was pretty cool as dance music pumping out whilst in the water with the sun going down definitely made an enjoyable evening... and to make it better just as i am coming out of the water we notice a group of people who for watergate bay were rather over dressed, Lots of suits and very smart clothes, not the usual attire or flip flops and boardshots, then one of the girls notices that within this group of people is one particular long ginger dread headed musician known as Newton Faulkner!

So all in all a special night tonight, and really wishing that i had tickets to Newton Faulkner's gig tomorrow evening down on Fistral beach.

Newton Faulkner Hall for Cornwall gigPicture of Newton Faulkner at Hall for Cornwall Truro 2009

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