Tuesday 9 August 2011

London and UK Riots

Just watching the news and I'm truly shocked and mortified at what these so called "Youths"are doing across the country, When i was a child i was always brought up in fear of the police, when ever i was naughty as a girl i was told the police would come.

OK so my parents wouldn't actually call the police for me misbehaving but it worked and i realized whats right and wrong and who i should respect.

I really don't get what these people are doing? They say "Youths" on the news are the school age? are they rioting because they are bored on summer holidays, or are they older than this and if so should know better?

Who is going to pay for all this damage? Because if the people that are causing this anarchy had jobs i would imagine they wouldn't be out looting and burning things for fear of being caught on TV and caught by police and perhaps risk loosing their jobs for doing this.

These people joining in all over the UK are just scum, i would never ever steal, not even a chocolate bar but these youths don't seam to have any morals , any realization of what is right or wrong, and for this i only blame the parents, Yes lack of jobs and lake of prospects, closure of youth clubs etc can be blamed but at the end of the day setting fire to something, something that's not yours and perhaps killing people and ruining peoples lives is just wrong. How would these people feel if the police went around burning down all these youths homes, and burning all there trainers and Hoodies? They wouldn't like it, just like businesses don't like having their stuff burnt down for no reason.

This must stop, people are blaming the police, but if i was the police and knew that these people had guns, petrol bombs, fireworks and shards of wood i think i would be cautious about stopping these thugs.

I know it's not my place to say but i do feel for some it is down to the parents, make sure you know where your kids are, make sure you know where these "New Trainers" are coming from.

Have some pride Britain!!!!

I feel deeply embarrassed to be British right now.

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