Tuesday 23 August 2011

Newquays Rubbish!

Litter on Newquay beachEvery year the six weeks summer holidays amaze me down here in Cornwall, I don't want to be one of these people that turns around and blames everything on tourists, as they do bring in so much income to the area, even if that also means bringing in loads of traffic onto our tiny roads also.

As many of you may know i am currently learning to surf and try to get in the water most evenings after work and usually the beaches are lovely and clean, Although recently i am angered at how dirty the beaches have become, From bits of broken buckets and spades, snapped children's body boards, BBQ's and beer cans left on the beach, and just general litter from icecreams and food, This really really upsets me, there's no need to leave the beaches covered in rubbish, especially when there are rubbish bins supplied at all beaches, and if these bins are full then please take your rubbish home! it's really not that hard, Please don't leave your rubbish on the beach to get washed into the sea for fellow swimmers and surfers to come across.

And even more annoyed was i to find a mattress bobbing along the shore line in Newquay this week, seriously there is no need for this, have some respect for our coastline and our beaches and stop treating them as a dumping ground :"(

If anyone wants to know more about keeping beaches and the water safe and clean for all to enjoy stay up to date with the great work that Surfers against sewage are doing.

Rubbish on Newquay beach
Rubbish on Cornwall beachMattress in the sea
Towan beach Newquay Photograph

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