Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Levellers play in Cornwall at Lusty Glaze beach.

Thursday night saw the amazing Levellers headline a gig at the sundowner sessions on Lusty Glaze beach. The evening was setting up perfectly walking down to the beach in shorts and a t-shirt the sun was still blazing hot even with it getting late into the evening.
Lusty Glaze sundowner sessions, The Levellers

The crowds flocked down to the beach and the cider started flowing as the support acts started warming up the crowd. The crowd didn't really need much encouragement as the atmosphere was already hyped up and full of energy waiting for the levellers.
The Levellers at Lusty Glaze - Cornwall
The Levellers arrived on stage and put on a fantastic show, for anyone that doesn't even know their classic songs they would have loved the show. With the sun creating a fantastic show behind us setting into the sea and the Levellers in front of us bouncing energy into the crowd it was a really fantastic gig and recommend everyone in Cornwall to attend the magical sundowner sessions.

Jeremy Cunningham from The Levellers

Highlight of the night for me was meeting Jeremy Cunningham who plays bass for the levellers :") Brilliant night all round.

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