Saturday 13 July 2013

Road trip to Domburg, Nertherlands

After spending the day in Middelburg we needed to find somewhere to stay the night so headed up to the coast. We stumbled upon the beautiful town of Domburg, which was just wonderful. With an evening market and all the shops open late we still had time to enjoy what the town had to offer before heading to the beach.

Domburg, Netherlands

The beach at Domburg, Netherlands

Beach huts at Domburg, Netherlands

Surfing at Domburg, Netherlands

Lighthouse Westkapelle Netherlands

There must be something about the sea or at least water that i'm compelled to be near to. Living in Cornwall I've got the sea on both coasts and my house is just 6 miles from the award winning Watergate Bay. But after 3 nights in Belgium in a field I needed to be close to the water. There were several Car parks linking the coast road leading to the beach but all of them had signs to prohibit us from camping in them. Eventually we found a spot right by the waters edge with no signs to stop people staying the night. There were several other vehicles down on the coast road parked up doing a spot of night fishing so figured it would be ok to join them.
Sunset over the North sea

Sunset over the North sea, Netherlands

The other thing that I just didn't think about was the very slight time difference in Europe. The nights weren't getting dark until 11pm which gave us so much more time to enjoy the places we were visiting before it got dark which was amazing. Sitting in the van we sat up talking all night watching the sun set over the sea and watching the stream of boats pouring out the estuary and across the North sea. It was truly a beautiful spot. Next on the road trip is to continue up into Netherlands and eventually find Amsterdam. What started as a weekend car show to EBI5 was now turning into a wonderful holiday. 

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