Friday 6 September 2013

Check out the amazing Heineken 'Dropped' campaign

Recently As some of my regular blog followers will know I visited Amsterdam for the music festival Pitch. When I think back to my sunny travels across Europe I can’t help but smile and wish sometimes that I could travel all the time and not go through the daily grind of my 9-5 job. Thinking back to my trip to Amsterdam and the things I explored I remember the Heineken experience, beer tasting, boat trips and lots of history of the brand.

Now Heineken have released a brilliant campaign to find out whether men are born as men or mice and what it takes to be a real man. Imagine your daily routine the 9-5 office, knowing when your lunch break is, knowing the sandwiches you make every morning are in your lunch box waiting for you, knowing that when the clock strikes 5pm you head home for your evening dose of Coronation Street and Eastenders…. Well Heineken are plucking men out of their daily grind and dropping them in completely random places and hoping they find their own way back home!!!! This sounds amazing and really hope they create a version to test the women too as I would love the challenge.

Watching the first video in a series on their you tube channel shows one crazy photographer and graphic designer boarding a plane full of clowns blind folded and being dropped in his secret location ready to make his epic journey home. Further episodes include two men being blind folded and hand cuffed together for their voyage home. You can follow the journeys of these men on the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel. Or watch the first episode here, imagine big brother but rather than stuck in one house your travelling across the globe whilst the world watches how you cope.

I think this is a brilliant idea crafted by Heineken and I for one will definitely be following to see how the boys get on whilst secretly wishing that I could take part and experience such an adventure.

The men are given a few items to help them get home but will have to concur local people, local transport and many other challenges concurring their fears to get home, My first issue would be dealing with the scary clowns!

Following the men as they concur their journeys is a bit like playing top trumps seeing their modes of transport. I'm currently routing for William who was dropped in Morocco purely because he spat back at the camels.

If you like social experiments and love travel check out the heineken dropped you tube channel.

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