Tuesday 10 September 2013

10 Fun Ways to Showcase Your Photography

So you have a bunch of great looking pictures but now what? Do you let them sit on your computer, collecting virtual dust and completely hidden away from all potential appreciative eyes? No way! You need a unique way to show off your pictures that is as unique as your images.
Here are 10 fun ways to showcase your photography outside of having standard prints delivered and hung around the house.

1. Ceramic Mug: Your pictures will look extra slick wrapped around a dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic coffee mug. If you want to get really weird with it, try putting a picture of someone drinking coffee on this coffee mug from York Photo.

2. iPhone Case: More pictures are taken with smartphones than actual cameras these days. There’s even a decent chance you have smartphone pictures worth having printed! Why not protect your iPhone and show off your photography skills with a customized smartphone case? York Photo carries customizable smartphone cases for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5 and also the Galaxy S3.

3. Fleece Blanket: Wrapped up in your photography? Print one of your best pictures on a fleece blanket from SnapFish and you literally will be! The 50x60 fleece blanket makes a great gift for that person who loves getting cozy under the covers… anyone!

4. Doodle Frame Pillow: A 16x16 pillow from Shutterfly with one of your top-notch pictures printed on it helps create a mood for your living room. Throw a picture of the sky on there and you can rest your head on the clouds!

5. Mouse Pad: A personally customized mouse pad gives the office a little more personality and legitimizes your picture taking skills. Find mouse pads for only £5 at Shutterfly right now!

6. 110 Piece Puzzle: How can you turn your photography into fun? Order a personalized 110 piece puzzle from York Photo and have some fun putting one of your favourite pictures back together. The more elaborate the image, the more difficult the puzzle!

7. Deluxe Tote Bag: The deluxe tote bag from York Photo provides plenty of room to carry stuff but also to have a photograph printed on the outside. And if you decide to put a picture of you or your family on it, there is never any chance your bag will get mixed up with someone elses!

8. Calendar: Keep track of the days and remember where you have been with a personalized calendar from SnapFish. SnapFish is even offering free shipping on orders over £30, so it’s a good idea to get a few customized calendars printed!

9. Playing Cards: It’s all fun and games on poker night with a custom deck of playing cards from SnapFish. Pick a photo you love and have it printed on the back of a standard deck of playing cards and bring a whole new flavour to game night!

10. Photo Gallery Magnet: The sleek photo gallery magnet from Shutterfly is a homely addition to the fridge. The 4.5x5 magnet uniquely showcases your photography and costs only £4.50!

dBy Allison Preston. Allison is an avid sports fan and an experienced writer with a passion for deals and coupons and for saving her readers money. She currently writes for leading coupon and online promo code site bluepromocode.com based in Santa Monica, California. 

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