Friday 20 September 2013

What is the best driving view in the UK? Win a Nikon camera!

As a lot of my regular readers will know I'm a big petrol head, My first car was a classic 1972 Beetle which I adored. The little bug took me to loads of local and national car shows and festivals including drag racing at Santa Pod and eventually across the pond to Europe to shows like European Bug In.

Even now with my beloved Beetle sold and finding myself driving in a boring Renault Clio I still get excited when I see an unusual car on the road or hear the rumbling of a motor bike driving past.

I also do a lot of driving, I drive around 2 hours every day for my commute to and from work and even when I take my holidays often have driving holidays which has seen driving to Scotland and even driving to Amsterdam completed. I've seen some amazing sites and views and nothing beats a good blast along a country road.

Now I've found a competition which combines two of my favourite things, Photography and Best driving views. The company Car Craft are currently hosting a competition to find the best driving view. Their competition called VROOMwith a view is currently open until 15th October to submit your best photos of your favourite driving views to win a Nikon cool pix S3500 digital camera. Visit the competition page here,

Here's some of my favourite driving views to inspire you.
VW Beetle photography

Best driving views

Black vw fastback

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