Wednesday 11 September 2013

Over the Hill festival Newqauy 2013

It's hard to believe that just over a week ago Cornwall held it's second Over the Hill festival and yet again the sun shone on the whole weekend. Now less than a fortnight later we have temperatures in single figures, torrential rain and even hail storms so large in Falmouth that you could have mistaken the time of year as mid winter rather than the end of summer.

On the same weekend of Over the Hill Cornwall also held the Electric beach festival on Watergate bay beach. I was lucky enough to have tickets to both festivals but choosing which one to go to and which one to miss was a tough choice. I decided to attend Over the Hill and camp there for the whole weekend but dipping out to the electric beach festival on the Saturday to see Zion Train.
Over the hill festival newqauy

Over the hill festival

Both festivals were amazing however either i'm getting old or those also enjoying Over the Hill seemed to be a lot younger than myself. There was trouble in the camping field one evening which a bunch of youngest and security having a run in, but other than that the festival was a success. Highlights for me included Wille and the Bandits, the peoples string foundation and black Friday.

Electric beach was also brilliant and this year i'm pleased to say they didn't run out of alcohol like last year. I'm a massive fan of Zion Train and have seen them several times live before and seeing them on the beach didn't disappoint. With an amazing sunset and the band getting everyone in the dancing mood i had a brilliant time before heading for the bus back to the camp site at Over the Hill.
There's one more music festiva for me to attend this year in Cornwall and that's the little apple cider festival at healeys cider farm and being a massive cider fan I can not wait!
Electric Beach Festival

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