Thursday 16 August 2012

Fat Freddys Drop Gig

o2 academy BristolOn Wednesday the 8th of August, I ventured the three hour drive up to Bristol to see the amazing Fat Freddys Drop play a sell out gig at the 02 academy in Bristol.

It was a hot summers barmy evening as we entered the venue and watched the support act, which i will say i can't remember who they were and i didn't think much of them.... They didn't make an impression on me to remember them or ever listen to them again put it that way.

Once the support act had finished we made our way down to the pit area in front of the stage and Fat Freddys Drop entered the stage to massive cheers and applause.

Playing lots of new and unheard music the skanking began and we started to enjoy the gig, However we crowds now trying to get to the front of the gig we were spending more time being shoved and pushed and with a friend with me who is not as tall as myself decided to enjoy the gig better we would move out of the pit and up a level and watch from one of the balconies.

Fat freddys drop gig Bristol
Unfortunately moving our place during the gig was not such a great idea and with a venue at capacity we struggled to get a good spot. Eventually we found a great spot were we could all see, and dance and not fear about having pints chucked over us whilst dancing.

The highlight for the night for me was when Fat Freddys play there Big Bondigga track from their second album, the place was electric and you couldn't help but jump around like a lunitic to their music. With the gig coming to an end, and sweating more than i ever have done in my life it was onto their on-core and the gig was over. I will say this is the second time that i have seen the fantastic band live and hopefully not the last, they were truly amazing, real crowd pleasers and there live array of instruments creating some amazing reggae ska beats could not be faulted.

 After the gig and it still feeling incredible warm, we ventured down to the river bank in Bristol to get a cool refreshing pint and sit by the water and chill out. On arriving at the river side bar there were lots of other people doing the same thing, wearing their gig t-shirts and the bar was even playing Fat Freddys music, it was the perfect end to the evening.

Fat freddys drop gig in the UK

Here's mysel and my friend proudly wearing our gig t-shirts.

Fat Freddys Drop were truly amazing live, and i will see them again soon.

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