Sunday 15 April 2012

VW Action Southwest

This weekend i have spent it in a field camping at VW Action Southwest. Regarding the Weather we have really had it all on arrival Friday evening it was a bit chilly but a bright evening and watched an amazing sunset surrounded by classic Volkswagen's. With the open fire going we were all warm and enjoyed several ciders and a sing song. 

VW type 25 camper van

VW action south west Volkswagen classic car show

Sunset VW pictures

camper van festival cornwall
Saturday morning started bright but with lots of frozen campers, people were even saying they had frost on the insides of their vans in the very early hours and we heard some comments that the temperature got as low as -2'C I must have slept through all of that because by the time i had woken the sun was shining and under my combination of blankets, sleeping bags and duvets i was snuggly warm. Saturday was great with the show and shine for Daily Drivers there were some beautiful vehicles "Although Questionable" that these were ALL daily drivers. I certainly wouldn't fancy driving a beach buggy in the rain that followed on Saturday but still very cool cars.

VW Porsche 914 classic car

VW action south west classic car show

custom door cards
 Patina'd cars are not usually my thing but this quirky car i loved, i could have spent hours reading the comic print door cards.
Rat look modern cars

car on air bags
Saturday early evening soon turned damp! Well that's to say the least, the dark clouds that had been threatening all day had finally decided that it was now time to absolutely chuck it down! Heading back to camp we joined gazebos, awnings and tarpaulin and continued to enjoy our music, good company and plenty of Cider and the occasional dash to the loo across a very muddy soggy field did not stop the fun.  

Sunday morning and the sky is blue and the sun is shining, not a cloud in sight and certainly not a drop of rain to be found! Today's show and shine was the concourse class and the super shiny cars were all out on display, All day walking around in the sun and my cheeks are now glowing!
vw razor edge photographs

VW beetle line up photograph

Volkswagen razor edge images

Volkswagen beetle hub caps

Classic camper van interior

 I'm now home from the show that certainly had it all in terms of weather, i have got very soggy, Freezing cold and sun burnt in the same weekend, but what an awesome weekend it has been, Thanks to the Action team for running the show and well done to all the jog'Lers that traveled from John o'Groats to Lands End on nothing but 50cc motor cycles to raise much founds for Brads cancer charity. 

Jogle 4 brads charity ride

Lands end to John o'groats charity race

Well Done everyone. For more VW Action Southwest Photo's visit my Facebook page, and don't forget to Like the page to keep up to date with all my latest photography.

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