Thursday 19 April 2012

Panda Visit review in the Eastern Daily Press

Having parents that live in the eastern counties i am often kept up to date with their local news as well as keeping them up to date with the local news from the west country. 

On a recent visit up to Norfolk my mother gave me a copy of the Eastern Daily Press and in articular to read an article titled
 She said that she had read the article and thought of me, and that i should read it. The article is about an 11 year old girl that is obsessed with Giant Pandas, collects hundreds of cuddly pandas in her room and has just been to visit the bears for her 11th birthday. 
Reading this article was like finding an archive about myself from years ago and was all too familiar - When i was younger i too was obsessed with these black and white creatures and also collected many a toy, pencil case, clothes even bed covers and curtains at one point to my older sisters annoyance who i shared a room with. Like Beeka in the article on hearing that the pandas were arriving in the UK her parents had no choice other than to take their daughter on the 800 mile trip to visit the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. 17 Years ago there were two pandas on display at London Zoo and at the ripe old age of 10 decided that this was what i wanted for my birthday. Going to London on a train for the first time ever was exciting enough but seeing the panda's
Ming Ming and Bao Bao in the early nineties really was a dream come true. 

I wonder if in 17 years time Beeka the little girl from the article will still have a place in her heart for her love of pandas. Now at the age of 27 with the arrival of the pandas in Edinburgh i am massively over excited about going to see the pandas again.

Sadly much to my partners joy the panda obsessed bedroom is no more , however a couple of small cute pandas do still exist on my bed, and i too when seeing the pandas again will feel like a little girl and very excited.

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