Monday 9 April 2012

bad drivers across UK roads

Today i traveled 400 miles from east to west from Norfolk this morning back down to Cornwall and considering the cost of Petrol these days i'm surprised with the sheer volume of traffic on the roads especially the hundreds of cars sitting bumper to bumper on the M5 traveling back up country from the west country, very pleased i was going in the other direction!

  But what annoyed me the most was the sheer amount of bad driving on the roads today, people undertaking all over the place then erratic braking into the cars in front, and a lot of cars driving with no lights on whatsoever and with torrential rain all day it was no wonder that so many roads were congested following accidents!

I'm glad we are all back safe and sound but it's worrying the amount of bad driving we witnessed on today's 400 mile road trip.

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