Thursday 19 April 2012

I'm officially held together by screws! Pictures!

I've just been to the hospital for a check up after have my jaw surgery earlier this year and finally have some copies of the x-rays to show me being officially held together by metal plates and screws,
Temporamandibular TMJD jaw operation

In the top image the line running across the top, above the roots of my teeth is the top fracture, held together by a series of screws and small metal plates. As well you can see plates on the left and right that are holding together the two fractures either side of my lower jaw.
I think this is my favorite image showing just how high the screws go in my face with one screw appearing just below my eye socket, The weird thing about this screw is that i can feel it through my skin when washing my face, Taking a bit of getting used to but coming around to the fact that this is now a part of me and i will always be held together by these metal fixings.
Temporamandibular TMJD jaw pain

It's been just over three months since the surgery and i still have small patches of numbness in my face and lots of numbness in the roof of my mouth and gums above my upper set of teeth. I am reassured that the nerves will grow back into this area and i will get all normality and feeling back but it is a long process and will take another few months even up to a year to fully come back to normal. 

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