Sunday 15 April 2012

How to shoot a Shoot!

During the Easter break i was fortunate enough to be invited along to photograph a shoot, both a clay pigeon shoot and a rifle shoot.

Firstly it was a freezing cold day so wrapping up as warm as possible is key with freezing cold winds and a lot of standing around in a field the last thing you want on your pictures is camera shake.

Secondly make sure you listen to all the safety briefings and make sure where you are photographing is safe. Watch where the clays are being fired and where the shooters are aiming from and make sure that you are safely out of the way.

Clay pigeon shoot Norfolk

Clay pigeon shoot bullet

Clay pigeon gun

group clay pigeon shoot Norfolk

Clay pigeon shoot Norfolk

Norfolk farm clay pigeon shoot

firing the clay, at a clay pigeon shoot

Farm girl fashion

Clay pigeon shoot photographs

clay pigeon shoot photography

clay pigeon shoot photography in Norfolk

Farm clay pigeon shoot

clay pigeon rifle

rifle used at a clay pigeon shoot

Norfolk clay pigeon shoot

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